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#CryptoVlog 13 – Liquidity Pool Explained in Tagalog ( Pang normalan lang ) | Madam Miely

This video is intended for educational and sharing of experience only and not a financial advice.

Part 2 is up na po dto — https://youtu.be/NU-H0uyPKfY

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What is Binance Liquid Swap or Liquidity Pools and How it works!

As promised here are the links to the in-depth explanation of Liquidity Pools for you reference.

How Do Liquidity Pools Work? DeFi Explained


I also have a written blog post about Binance Liquid Swap to give you more examples and details about how it works based on my observations and experiences.

We’ll have the 2nd part soon to show you the interface on Binance and explain further how Liquid Swap works in Binance, so please subscribe and get notifications for you to be notified once it’s up. Mwah!

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*Disclaimer: What you see in this video is just for educational & entertainment value. We don’t give financial advice so if you are to follow the steps we’ve taken, we are not responsible for any possible losses (sad to say), invest at your own risk.

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