As a mother, I always love to take photos and videos of my kids so I can keep all the memory of their childhood. I always love to watch their silly videos and photos every time I’m alone or sad. Even in some free time we all watch it together because it’s fun.

In the past, people record these memories and print them or burn them to a cd or tapes. But those days are gone for real.

Everyone now uses their phones to record and use their storage for keeping photos and videos. But because of improving cameras on devices and resolutions, the file sizes of videos and photos are getting larger as well.

Because of that, we tend to delete some photos to be able to capture new ones or delete apps or do whatever just to expand our limits in capturing moments that we don’t wanna miss.

The end of Google Photos unlimited storage

I know it’s quite late for me to discuss this because Google ended the unlimited storage for Google Photos for quite a while now but I feel like writing about it still.

In my older blog post, I mentioned how I love to use Google Photos because of its unlimited storage, automated edits to slideshows, GIFs, collage, and more.

They even have face recognition features that allow the user to filter the gallery by searching the person and the ability to search keywords that relate to the photo you are finding.

But now that the unlimited storage is gone, I did try different alternatives and stuck to a few to be able to store the best moments of our lives.

A cute automated GIF from Google Photos and a review!

Google Photos Alternatives?

There’s nothing better than Google Photos because of the features I have mentioned earlier. Even Apple Photos are trying to mimic the features it still hasn’t beaten Google Photos. That’s why even many Apple users are backing up their photos on Google.

The only thing that was gone is really the unlimited storage for high-quality compressed backups but everything is the same. I wish that they just added a subscription for unlimited photos instead of removing it together.

But the first option you can have is really Google Photos as well.

They have a very low price for data storage plans that also include Google Drive. The pricing is below: