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My Favorite MagSafe Accessories for iPhone

best iphone magsafe accessories

When the first iPhone with MagSafe charging was released, I got really excited about it. Although I didn’t get back to iPhone when the 12 was released, I’ve always been checking what are the cool things being created by manufacturers and companies to support this innovation by Apple.

Apple definitely nailed one of the biggest problems of wireless charging. Being able to charge your phone wirelessly without missing the contact of the phone and the charger is very helpful at all times. Many people had trouble charging wirelessly in the past because a minor mistake in placing your phone on a wireless charger will just stop it from charging properly.

I know, I’m always too late to review gadgets but I’d still love to share things like this. So today, I’m going to share with you the current MagSafe compatibles that I am using and would want to get in the future.

Of course, these products will be linked to my affiliates to support my blog. Most of them are my purchase of course and they are relatively cheap because I love affordable tech gadgets.

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Mcdodo 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand


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Since I have this, I can also give you my thoughts about it.

This is a 2-in-1 charger that allows you to charge your iPhone 12 and 13 series and your AirPods at the same time.

Out of the box, it has a charging stand and a USB type C cable. The power brick is not included which is very usual and has been normalized by Apple too hahaha.

It claims to power up to 15W charging but according to Apple the only wireless chargers that iPhone supports for that wattage is the Apple MagSafe Charger and the Belkin Portable Wireless charger pad. They are quite expensive but they are 100% supported for iPhones plus it has a great quality.

Cons of this McdodoMagSafe charger

The only issue I had with this Mcdodo Magnetic Wireless charger is that it is quite sharp on the edges and because of that and the strong magnet, my iPhone was damaged.

My iPhone is pink so I couldn’t get the damage to appear in photos but it’s like a crescent scratch because I removed the phone sideways and I didn’t have a MagSafe-compatible case at the time.

But if you use a case that is compatible with MagSafe it’s perfectly fine.

The other thing is that the bottom is only usable for AirPods charging or anything that would fit on the molded tray for AirPods. I guess it would’ve been nice if it’s flat so that you can charge other devices aside from AirPods.

Smart Devil Silicone MagSafe Compatible Case

Because of the damage that my iPhone had from my charging stand. I decided to buy a case that will protect it from further damage.

I ordered cheap imitations of Apple’s leather MagSafe charger but on the first attempt, the seller was too slow to ship the items. So I canceled it and ordered another one, it’s also taking a while to pack so I contacted the seller and I think they have accidentally canceled the order (not sure). The reason why I thought it was accidental is that they even sent a photo of the item to be packed.

Anyways, those two stores had high ratings but they were from China and I think the Spring festival is about to happen and maybe it’s a holiday. You can also check it out here it seems nice.

Going back with the Smart Devil! It was quite slow to be delivered (not to ship out) because it was stuck on custom checking in China. I believe things with batteries and magnets need a thorough checking with customs not sure though. But I contacted Lazada to check it out and they were able to expedite the delivery after the customs checks.

I ordered the pink to match the phone and it’s a perfect match indeed!

The silicone is very smooth. The magnet is awesome it perfectly sticks on Mcdodo’s Charger and the next item which is the Most O-Snap.

It also has a suede-like inner layer that protects the phone itself. The buttons are also clicky and the best part is that Smart Devil is always providing a good quality glass screen protector.

No cons to this one because it’s lovely. Maybe just the color option they only have a few.

Moft O-Snap Phone Holder and Stand

I think this one is considered a premium product because for this small piece it cost about 1k. But hear me out, why do I have to get one?

Well first of all I wonder why Moft products are quite expensive yet a lot of people use them. Second, I have a weak grip as in very weak and I always tend to lose my grip on phones.

Lastly, I always wanted a phone grip with a stand but I never wanted to use 3M stickers on my phone or even on my case. So I thought this one is the one thing that I need and I appreciated how MagSafe turned my phone grip fantasy into reality.

Anyways, the Moft O-Snap thing is great for this purpose. It’s made from vegan leather and had a wide colorful options. It has a strong magnet and can be turned into a stand-in at different angles. I ordered the navy blue because it’s a great color combo with pink and it has the same color as my Haylou W1 TWS earphones which I’ll review as well in my future post.

Even though I have a charging stand it’s always handy to have a portable stand at my fingertips.

Cons of the Moft O-Snap

Nothing much that I can complain about this product but I’ll try to give you some. LOL.

First is that because it’s an O-shaped design and made of vegan leather it’s quite hot on fingers. It’s like I’m getting sweaty with prolonged use but it’s fine.

Lastly, the vertical angle is not usable for video making. Well, I think you can but if you could see in the picture below. The 90-degree vertical angle is no longer reaching the MagSafe area. Therefore, it may fall if not properly placed because it’s not magnetically attached.

You may also try the Moft Wallet Stand and their case that compliments the stands like this one:

Check out this MagSafe Stand
Moft MagSafe Case for iPhone

Other MagSafe Compatibles I Want

At this point, this part is all about the wants but I basically don’t need them that much but maybe you do.

STM Goods MagPod — Tripod

For those who are vlogs or tiktoks on an iPhone 12 or 13 like myself(because I sold my DJI Pocket 2 for iPhone 13 cutie pink), this is perfect for us.

It can be used as a regular phone stand, as a regular tripod, or as a handheld device for handling your phone better when shooting (not a gimbal tho!).

The only thing I didn’t like about it is the price. It looks like a typical plastic and tabletop tripod.

Moft Snap Laptop Phone Holder

Price check this awesome phone holder by Moft

I really like the idea of this product but I don’t see the need for this for myself. You may want to check it out though.

It can hold papers because it has a magnetic paper clip and it also includes a magnetic sticker which I think can be used for non-MagSafe devices. I love the colors too.

Let’s check the MagSafe Compatible Power banks

Let’s list some of the interesting MagSafe power banks in the market. There are 2 that I like the most but they are always out of stock. They both have a kickstand. I guess I’m addicted to kickstand already.

ANKER MagGo Poowerbank 5000 mAh — I managed to find a seller on Shopee the item doesn’t have a review but had 3 sales and the seller seemed to have a good standing.

Mcdodo MC-705 20W PD Powerbank MagSafe Compatible — I haven’t seen this on-stock but this is a more affordable version and I wish they make it available soon.

The only thing with MagSafe power banks is that the capacity is usually small because a larger capacity would make the power bank bigger and heavier.

Among all in the list support PD/fast charging on a wired connection.

Most affordable MagSafe Power Banks

BAVIN PC062 10000mAh Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

This is a colorful option, with a high-capacity battery pack that also supports PD charging of up to 22.5W. Technically, it can be used on MacBook Air but the capacity may not be sufficient for that(but good to know).

The design just seems to be bulky because of the protruded design at its back. I love that it’s colorful but it isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

Promate PowerMag 10000 mAh

This one jumped to double the price of the Bavin PC061 but it’s definitely given that Promate is quite a well-known brand.

Even though it’s bulky at least it has a flat back. They also mentioned on the product specs that even the USB type A supports fast charging and the type-c supports PD charging of up to 20W.

What I hope to see in the future

In the future of MagSafe accessories, I hope to see more for those who are video creators.

Maybe some types of equipment like a tripod, gimbal, or other accessory holders like cold shoes and stuff like that.

I’ve seen an article about it I believe in MacRumors where there are accessories like that already but they aren’t available in the Philippines and for sure they are quite expensive because they’re probably the only company that has it. But as the competition grows for MagSafe accessories for sure we’ll have something affordable in the future.

How about you? Is there something you want to see in the future? Or maybe wanted to share a life-changing MagSafe accessory? Let us know in the comments 😃!

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