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— is a blog that contains articles written based on my personal ideas, comments and experiences just like all normal blogs. Any idea or info that is not from my own thoughts will surely have a source or reference information or links.


I may talk about some reviews for random products that I purchased but these are all honest reviews only and 100% based on my own experience with the product. Any recommendations from the site will still be under the readers discretion to use it or not.

I may accept some sample products for reviewing but my principle for doing reviews will still be the same. It means that it will all be honest reviews based only on my own experiences.

*External Links

All external links that I include on this blog can be an affiliate link or a source or reference links only. In case you found any malicious, misleading or suspicious links, please report it to me immediately, so I can check and/or take it off.

*Personal/Payment Information

This blog never asks for any payments or force you to enter any personal or payment information to use or browse articles.

Some forms may ask your name, email address or website but it’s for putting comments, contacting me and/or for subscribing purposes only. Email addresses are not shown publicly and not shared to anyone for any purposes. Names on the comments part is required but not necessarily asking for full name or real name, so you still have an option to state a nick name or pseudo name.

Any form of subscriptions on this site can be revoked by the subscriber any time. You can contact me directly in case you had issues in unsubscribing.

I try to keep this blog safe for everyone’s use as possible. If you see any threat, misleading ads/links or anything malicious or suspicious on this blog please let me know. Fill out the form below for questions or feedback regarding the privacy policy and the disclaimer mentioned on this page.

 ~ Miely

Owner of Mielygraphy

Last updated: 05/09/2018

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