I’ve been wanting to share this crypto platform that I’ve been using for a while now almost a year actually. Finally, I have the time to share with you what NEXO is!

Just take note, I’m not an expert or professional in any financial category. I will just be sharing what I do to deal with my own crypto assets that you may want to try if you also think of the market crash as an opportunity and are willing to wait for it to get back up.

Nexo is an all-in-one platform for securely storing cryptocurrencies. It’s basically like a wallet that lets you earn interest. Yes earning interest in form of cryptocurrency as well. If you store Bitcoin you earn interest in Bitcoin.

They have an app and a site that lets you access their services.

It’s a very simple app and perfect for those who wanted to HODL all the way until the crypto market has another bull run. It’s also perfect for those who want their money to work with lesser risk.

The only risk we may have from this is the price change and access. Some people may feel like it’s best to store larger amounts of crypto in a cold wallet because no one else can access it aside from yourself but it’s also like a bank that we can trust and at the same time is insured.

Security and Insurance of Nexo

We get it. The safety of any assets is the top priority of the users than the potential earnings. That’s why we’ll start off with this topic before we move on to anything else.


Nexo is fully audited by Armanino with real-time reporting to ensure the transparency of the service provider. At this point, I see that their customers’ liabilities are at a total of $ 4.3 billion. This is the total money that Nexo users payables because of where the earnings are coming from — LOANS.


Now you may wonder what if this 4.3 billion dollars weren’t paid. That is where over-collateralization comes in. Before getting a loan from Nexo (which all users can) has to use their deposits as collateral. So if you borrow from them they will place on hold on a portion of your crypto so that you can’t run away from them in case you plan to do so JK. Overcollateralization means you can get a loan that is smaller than the value of your assets. Why would you loan if you have assets? We’ll answer that later.

Insured by different partners

Nexo is backed by its custody partners that use top-grade security hot & cold storage. They partnered with BitGo, Ledger Vault, and Bakkt. These mentioned companies make the assets transferred to Nexo to be securely stored on highly secured facilities that can’t be just hacked or entered by anyone. This type of custody is only offered to institutions that have a great number of assets to protect and thankfully it’s part of Nexo.

Accessing to accounts

Nexo is surely doing its part to keep the assets its users saved on their app. But the majority of the people who loses their cryptocurrencies are due to a lack of their own security measures. Like losing their password, writing it on paper where someone can get access to it, taking screenshots, and not having 2FA. I hope you can see my post about Dashlane to help you secure your passwords and 2FAs too.

But to keep your assets secure you need to help yourself too. Good thing Nexo is just like many financial institutions. They require KYC which means knowing your customer. Completing KYC allows them to identify who you are just as the phrase says. Having a KYC done can be helpful. Some institutions, use this to identify their users in the event of losing access to the account. They might be able to do that for their users too.

Features of NEXO

Nexo is an all-in-one platform for your crypto assets. You can buy, sell, use it as a digital wallet, save with interest and use it for loans. They have so many available tokens to earn interest with, unlike any other savings app that you can find on the web, and on top of that, they are very reliable.

Cryptocurrency Wallet with Savings Interest

tokens supported on Nexo.io - Crypto savings and loans