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Changing SSS Status to Voluntary & Paying Contributions Online

Changing SSS Status from Employed to Voluntary

As a freelancer aka self-employed, we lose some of our benefits due to not being able to pay out contributions just like with SSS. Many freelancers today who are getting paid are forgetting their responsibilities to our government by not paying taxes, and the security of their future by not paying other contributions like SSS, Pag-Ibig, and Philhealth.

I’m quite guilty of that. Not because I don’t want to pay or contribute but simply because I’m too lazy to go outside and fall in line with these government offices. I guess that’s the same burden others hated.

I’ve been looking for ways to change my status from employed to self-employed/voluntary. For some reason, I really couldn’t find an article that teaches how to until I finally explored the SSS official website. So in this post, I’ll share my discovery on how to change your SSS status to voluntary. Note that this is only applicable to those who have an online account with SSS.

I’m trying to sign-up for my husband’s SSS, but it is such a pain to register now because they ask other things that you might not be aware of yet. Things like employer’s ID(something like that), PRN, savings account number, and mobile number registered. We don’t have any of those details for myself and so my husband. I got his E1 form, but those details aren’t available either.

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with them for asking these information. It wasn’t like that in the past but anyway let’s move on.

Why change to SSS status after being self-employed?

As I have mentioned in my intro, as a self-employed, we lose our benefits after leaving a corporate job. We may never know what will happen to us in the future. It’s always best to become prepared. Here are the benefits that a voluntary member can avail:

  1. Sickness Benefit
  2. Maternity Benefit
  3. Disability Benefit
  4. Retirement Benefit
  5. Death Benefit
  6. Funeral Benefit
  7. Salary Loan

It’s pretty much the same with employed members but usually the process of claiming these benefits are different from employed members.

Changing your SSS status from Employed to Voluntary/Self-employed

The first thing you need to do is to log in to your SSS account.

I lost the original screenshots of what I did to make this happen but I did a remake. ?

As I have mentioned this is best applied to members who already have an SSS account and previously employed who wanted to switch their SSS status from employed to voluntary.

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Look for the Generate PRN section.

This is available on the SSS website and even on their app. To give you a visualization see the screen shot below. It is very easy to find actually.

Generate PRN on SSS
Generate PRN on SSS
Generate PRN on SSS Mobile
Generate PRN on SSS Mobile

Before Generating PRN here are a few things you need to know

  • You’ll be the one to set the amount of your monthly contribution, and as per my mom, you can’t lower it down any time, but you can increase the amount you are willing to pay. In my case, I choose to pay 1080 as it is a more realistic amount that I can keep up with.
  • They won’t really ask you anything about your income, but I will embed here the table of their recommended contribution for Voluntary and Employed Members. Their minimum is 240, and the maximum amount is 2400.
  • Based on my understanding, the average contribution you have paid will be the basis of your retirement benefits, loanable amount, and other benefits. So the higher is usually, the better, but choose only the amount you can afford at the moment.
  • Here’s the link to the SSS contribution table.
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Generate your first Voluntary PRN

Now that you are aware of the things you need to know, you can start proceeding with your first PRN.

You can request a PRN for the missing months or if you want to make advanced payments for your contribution.

Choose Voluntary when Generating PRN
Choose Voluntary when Generating PRN
Choose Voluntary even you're current status is Employed as it will automatically change after paying
Choose Voluntary even you’re current status is Employed as it will automatically change after paying

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Make a payment before it’s due date

When I did my first payment, I was able to pay it via GCash but it’s no longer available. It’s also temporarily unavailable on Coins.ph.

On their website, there’s a “pay” button, but I haven’t tried it, so I suggest you download their app instead so you can have the option to pay it using Credit Card or Debit card and Paymaya. It has a minimal fee, though, but it’s safer and ideal to make payments online. You can see the payment on your contributions list immediately while the status shows to voluntary after a few hours.

Pay your SSS Voluntary Contribution using SSS Mobile (PayMaya and Debit/Credit Card)
Pay your SSS Voluntary Contribution using SSS Mobile (PayMaya and Debit/Credit Card)

It’s very easy to update your SSS status to Voluntary

I never realized it before but I am grateful to find out how to change my SSS status. Some may not be willing to pay their contributions since they are already getting decent pay, but you’ll never know when something happens, so it’s best to be prepared.

BTW, I’m not working for SSS in case you have technical questions about the topic, but I do appreciate comments. Please share and follow us ?!

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32 thoughts on “Changing SSS Status to Voluntary & Paying Contributions Online”

  1. I was able to pay the contribution via Gcash earlier, but as per checking on my sss status, the status was still employed and not voluntary, How many days should I wait to reflect in on my account? Appreciate your response.

  2. I was able to pay the contribution via Gcash earlier, but as per checking on my sss status, the status was still employed and not voluntary, How many days should I wait to reflect in on my account? Appreciate your response.

  3. This is very helpful. I am just confused on what should I put in the Applicable period section? will appreciate your response.

    1. Hi sorry for late response… for that you can set as to how many months you’d like to pay…you can just have it for the current month or you can also make advance payment or backdated payment as far as I know.

  4. Wow thanks for this info. If you have another blog for freelancers updating pagibig and philhealth to voluntary status.. please comment and would love to read. tysm

    1. Hi thanks for the kind feedback. I’d love to write about that however their respective websites aren’t that useful that’s why I haven’t been able to figure out. I’m freaking out on sunlight that’s why I’m not that much interested in going outside. Hopefully, I can manage next time… thanks for dropping by again 🙂

    1. Hi I don’t know why since I’m not from SSS. But I am not sure how you were able to pay SSS via GCash because they no longer had that feature for quite a while. the last time I was able to pay my SSS thru GCash was in August which was the time I posted this. After that, the option for SSS has been greyed out for all GCash users. You might have used a different biller if you’ve paid it on Oct 29 because the option is definitely not active at the time. I also mentioned that on the post and I even checked it again today and it’s still greyed out for SSS via GCash. I suggest you contact Gcash to confirm if the payment went through or SSS to confirm if they got your payment( coz if so then that should be updated in minutes after payment since Payments using PRN reflects on SSS real-time).

  5. Hello! Just paid today thru gcash (finally now available after so long) hopefully it will reflect on my account right away. I was a little puzzled coz i found some articles suggesting that there are forms that needs to be submitted at sss office.

    1. Hi yes, the moment I posted this it was updated. But in my end GCash no longer works but for others it seems that they were working. I currently use Paymaya for my SSS

  6. I already paid thru Paymaya but my coverage status didn’t change yet. I even checked my profile info.more than twice. And when checked my contributions, it has been updated. By the way, this is my first time to pay using online payment services.

  7. Good day tanong ko lang nagbayad na kami at nag pa change na ng employed to voluntary pero hindi pa naka change sa member sa online na voluntary coverd employer parin. Ilang days ba bago mag change? Salamat

  8. Hi, I paid my first voluntary payment last April via Paymaya, morning yun and nag reflect naman sya agad sa contributions ko thru SSS mobile app. Pero nung itry ko for May, mga hapon ko na sya ginawa, like mga after office hours na. Nabawas na dun sa Paymaya ko, but di talaga sya nag reflect until now. Last Friday kasi yun, at I thought na baka mg reflect na sy by Monday. Bakit po kaya ganun? 🙁

    1. usually dpt real time un kasi un ung nkalagay sa site nila.. keep mo lng ung transaction history mo and try to check it again after wards baka mmya ng kamali sa PRN. if not try to communicate first with paymaya baka sakinala may delay

  9. This is very informative! I followed everything, and Voila! Everything is done! Been worried about the access for SSS. Took me a month struggling for my access from userID to password. I was determined to get this done sooner because I hate falling in long lines. And just by reading your blog, I’m good now! Thanks for this, Madam! 🙂

  10. Hi, ano mo ba appropriate na membership type if you are an online worker (virtual assistant) hired by an international client? Self-employed po ba or voluntary? thanks

  11. Rochelle Factor

    Hi, just to be clear. Is changing employed to voluntary does not require na po pumunta sa SSS branch offices?

  12. I have a question po. Last time I changed my status from employed to voluntary. Nag reflect naman po sya agad sa online account ko at nakalagay dun is sa status ko is voluntary. Then upon checking today, nabalik sa employed yung status ko. Paano po kaya yun?

    1. Same in my case po . Before po aq magfile ng mat1 q nagchange status po muna aq from employed 2 voluntary kac hindi nmn po pweding mgfile pag employed parin ngresign napo kac aq .
      Ayun voluntary napo tlaga status .dec. pa aq nanganak ngayun lang ulit mgpapafile ng mat2 . Kac late na binigay nii employer iba ko pong req. Pagcheck q po xa sss website . Nagtaka po aq . Bumalik employed po . 😔😔
      Panu paq mkakapagfile ng mat2 q . Online .

  13. Hello sis, done today sunday yung process its already posted na sa sss but status still employed, nung nagprocess po ba kayo nang friend mo is business day? Should I wait by tomorrow? Salamat ☺️

    1. Yes po within the day kami pareho kaya nd ko sure ngaun baka nabago na. Pero check check nyo nlng dn po baka matagal mag posted ngaun 😊

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