Just today, one of our kapitbahay told us that she just got her SA (Social Amelioration) via online. I was a bit skeptical about it at first given the fact that I live in the Philippines. I guess they’re finally improving as we rarely have good online service from government services. Most of the time we do have online services but they’re not really usable. LOL.

Sorry for judging my own country, but I am hoping they’d continue such online implementations.

What is ReliefAgad.ph

This is a newly(kinda) launched website for any beneficiaries of DSWD SA to redeem their amelioration via online cash payments like GCash and PayMaya.

It’s a good way to minimize the number of people going out and lining up on covered courts to take their amelioration.

Honestly, I thought it was just a phishing scheme or something but upon doing some research it is legit.

What do you need to cash out your DSWD Amelioration Online?

  • You need your SAC to get your barcode as you need to enter it on the form.
  • You must have a device with an internet connection (of course it’s online)
  • You need to have an active GCash or PayMaya account.

How does the process go?

So after completing the form today, I still haven’t got any updates. I’m not sure how long it takes but here’s a document I found regarding the process flow of this site.

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I’ll make sure to update this post especially once I received the amelioration on my GCash. Right now, I was trying to access the site again but it’s not accessible and giving an error 504. I guess there’s a lot of people accessing it that’s why. Just be patient guys.

Don’t be pasaway guys! Stay at home for the sake of everyone. Don’t be selfish and pray. We’ll all get through this Covid-19.