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About Me

Hi Everyone!

I never thought someone wouldn’t really bother getting in to this page but I’m glad you are!.

What is Mielygraphy?

This is a personal or lifestyle or reviews blog. After years, I still haven’t figure it out. Even this domain was changed several times. Finally, I’m sticking to it. So Mielygraphy is the art of writing by Miely. Isn’t adorable? I’m just trying to be creative here but I’m not good in arts just to be clear with that.

Expect that I write random stuff about motherhood, parenting, reviews, bitcoin, money related matters….uhm what else…How-to articles and many more. I’m not into travelling but I love eating, I may cover some topics about it too.

I’m so willing to get suggestions from anyone and answer questions. You can message me almost anywhere too. 

Need more about me?

I am a mother of two, full time call center agent (the most popular job for undergrad like me)…(BTW not anymore) and living in with the biological father of my kiddos. Unmarried but in the status of a somehow happy life with my husband and kids. My favorite thing to do is learning new things and try them out.

I am not a professional nor creative writer but I just simply love the whole process of blogging. From the technical stuff to writing. I’ve been doing it since 2009 but way back I’m just so young, inexperienced and doesn’t have tools to blog consistently. Now I am still young(I believe), still in process of experiencing life and still blogging on my phone or on a tablet. Update I’m blogging on my laptop now..YEY!

Nothing really interesting about me aside from not having some of my front teeth and not being able to go to the dentist for false teeth or any fix because the cost is much expensive than this laptop I’m using now. Hahaha. Thanks for dropping by.

I have a favor to ask

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