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Many Filipinos are now using coins.ph as one of the major tools to make money. They use it for sending and receiving money. Some are using it for buying a load and paying bills with rebates. But there are some people who are still questioning the legitimacy of this website. So in this post, I’ll be discussing why I quoted coins.ph as the “Best Payments Services and Bitcoin Wallet in the Philippines”


So just so you know, I’ve started using coins.ph since 2013. From that day, I never lost any of my funds after using their services and I could say that this website is definitely trusted. But in case you are just wanting to know why should you use their app or site, then I’ll list down all benefits and downsides of it. Though there are only minimal downsides, I’ll still discuss it for you to know.

Let’s start with the benefits, of course.

Get discounts for every load!

This is my favorite because I never want my phone with no prepaid load.

Though I don’t have a text mate or call mate, I always make sure that I have credits in case I need to text or call someone. Mobile data have been always a must for me because I love reading stuff online.

The usual discount that you can get is 5%, but since August 15, 2017, and up until today they have a promotional load discount of 10%.

I believe it should’ve ended on Aug 31st but yesterday I did a top-up and I still get 10% off. I also do business with this, I ask my friends and everyone in my family to buy a load with me, they pay the same price as they do outside which is plus 2 pesos each top-up. If they want 50 pesos to load they pay 52 pesos. I get 7 pesos revenue if the 10% discount applies and 4.50 pesos if there’s only a 5% discount. You get to load all networks.

Pay bills with rebates! 

You get a 5 pesos rebates for each bill you pay and if you are able to pay 5 unique bills (meaning different account numbers) within a week you have an additional 100 pesos.

That is 100 pesos every time you paid 5 unique bills in a week. Therefore, if you paid 10 unique bills in a week you earn 5 pesos x 10 bills + 100 pesos for the first 5 unique bills + 100 for the other 5 bills = 250 pesos.

There are so many billers that are accepting payments from coins.ph like Meralco, Maynilad, All telecom networks in the Philippines, Sky Cable, Credit Cards and even Government Contributions like SSS and Pag- Ibig.

There’s still more than that which you can see on their site. You get paid for the convenience that you get in making bills payment.

Bitcoin Wallet in the Philippines! 

This is the only bitcoin wallet that offers buy and sell here in the Philippines. If you are interested in investing, mining, earning, and trading bitcoins this is the right wallet for you.

Buy Game Credits!

I don’t know if there are rebates here because I don’t buy game credits. If you have tried it, please let us know in the comments part below. As I’ve checked you can purchase credits for Steam, Garena, and Level up games.

Earn from inviting your friends! 

As part of their promotion, they reward users whenever they invite their friends. Their referral program offers 50 pesos for the referral and 50 pesos for the referrer. But the referral needs to verify their identity first. So if you will be registering under my referral, you and I will get 50 pesos after you verify your account. Not bad, right?

Cash in methods! 

Their cash-in methods are all easy to use and foolproof. My favorite cash-in method is the one with 7eleven because it is available almost anywhere in the country, they fund your account instantly and of course, they are open anytime.

They have a minimal fee of 2 pesos for every 100 pesos not bad for convenience. You can also fund your account using mobile banking like BPI and Security Bank. There are lesser fees for bank transfers so I use it if I have to cash in a bigger amount. You can also use Gcash and other cash in methods which can all be found on the app. I also posted the instructions on how to cash in using BPI mobile banking.

Cash-out and remittances!

Most of the cash in methods can be used for cashing out as well. Though I don’t do much cashouts I already used cash out for sending remittances. I spend a lot sometimes, and if you go to some stand-alone online shops usually they accept payment thru Gcash, smart money, Cebuana, and other similar stuff.

Well, I have paid a shop and scammer shop before using Gcash and Cebuana which is faster than going to physical stores. So if you have a sari-sari store, aside from bills payment and selling load you can also offer remittances.

Though some remittances have transaction fees, you can still have at least 5 to 10 pesos additional which everyone is aware of, especially those who send remittances regularly.

You can definitely use coins.ph for your online transactions, whether it’s incoming or outgoing. Even though most of the features are available on your current payment account or mobile banking there are still no greater benefits from them like having discounts, rebates, and rewards which you can only get from coins.ph.

Let us go to the downsides, these are the only few things I noticed. You are always free to comment on anything that you can share.

The iPhone app!

I am using a late iPhone model just to clarify that I’m not the rich kid type or pa-rich kid-type hahaha. Their app for iPhone usually updates but doesn’t have some features that an android app does have.

Or sometimes android gets newer features while we iPhone users will be waiting a bit longer to have the same feature. We don’t have the virtual visa card feature while Android has that. Too bad for us.

Having that visa virtual card said, it’s no longer available.

Well, I tried to log into my account using my husband’s Android phone and attempted to get a visual card but it says it is temporarily unavailable. Which has been unavailable for a while now.

The support phone number is unavailable too. 

As I’ve said on the cash-out part I have paid a scammer before. When I found out that he is a scammer, I tried to look for the coins.ph telephone number for immediate cancellation of a pending transaction. I found a mobile number from their site, but the number is unavailable. It is not busy, but it’s unavailable as per the operator’s voice. They have chat support, but they respond within 2-3 days which is not so chatting support. Anyway, I haven’t encountered any severe problems that need immediate action aside from that scammer.

I hope you’re able to learn a lot about coins.ph. If you want to earn 50 pesos and start using these features register on the link below.

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