I’ve been a member of Ethtrade.org since April, that has not been so long, unlike others who have been part of it for more than a year or something.   Recently, they have announced the fall of our portfolios to a 60% loss. I was shocked but not that much because my investments were not too big(0.03BTC). Though as an investor, we always keep in mind that there’s always a risk in any investment that we do. However, there’s a lot of people who are new in investing which is why they are reacting negatively.

The 60% loss is not that bad, at least we still have 40% left. What Ethtrade did is to make a partnership with another cryptocurrency which is CryptoBullcoin. All users of Ethrade were asked to convert their left balance to balconies.   For me, Ethtrade forced us to convert our portfolios to bullcoin because they removed the withdrawal facilities. At the same time, I had a hard time getting a bullcoin address because it’s not available on iOS. I believe it was made available to Android devices, however, it doesn’t have mining capabilities as of the moment.   I had to ask a friend to host a bullcoin address on my behalf using her computer since my laptop is a Chromebook. Just yesterday, she advised me that my bullcoins were already credited and will be starting mining soon.   Honestly, among all the things that happened, I just went over a sailing boat and let the wind bring me towards something. I technically don’t understand much of what happened recently but I’ll list down the things I know:  

  1. Ethtrade’s website has already shut down and now operating with CryptoBullcoin.
  2. The 40% left balance I had from my Ethtrade’s investments was now all converted from BTC (Bitcoin) to BLC (Bullcoin).
  3. My bull coin is starting to grow since it’s mining.
  4. I have to wait for its price to rise so I can sell it back to whatever currency I’d like.

So if there’s something more aside from those four things I know, just comment down below so everyone would know.   BTW, one of my acquaintances from Ethrade had a write-up about the details of his same experience and what he can say about it. You may wanna check it out.   For more updates and blog posts about cryptocurrencies and money-making online. Please follow our blog and stay tuned. Like us and share on Facebook!


The value of Bullcoins never been able to climb a price to get back what we have invested it just got wasted all our crypto investments. The 40% Bull coin they gave back are just cents.

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