I was reviewing my Search console last time when I notice that the most prominent keywords that were used to see my blog post are the title that I have right now. So I am thinking maybe a lot of Filipinos are still confused about the difference between CoinsPH and Binance that’s why I’m here to answer a few of them.

To start off, Binance is an exchange platform for cryptocurrencies. They have so many different financial products to let you earn cryptocurrencies like savings, liquidity pool, staking, trading and so much more. I did discuss a few of them on my blogs which you can also check later on. They also have cryptocurrency wallet features just like CoinsPH.

On the other hand, CoinsPH is a custodial cryptocurrency wallet that also allows users to swap their coins to PHP and other supported currencies. They also have other financial features like bills payments, fund transfers to local banks and mobile wallets, and prepaid load purchasing.

So what’s the difference between CoinsPH and Binance?

Okay, if you’ll think about it they are basically the same. They offer wallets for cryptocurrencies, they both have the ability to buy and sell crypto. So they’re the same right?

Well, yeah but they’re not.

Cryptocurrency Exchange: Binance vs CoinsPH

Binance is a more sophisticated platform for trading cryptocurrency than CoinsPH because it has tools that equip you to trade cryptocurrencies in a better way.

Binance have the convert, classic and advance trade view while CoinsPH have the convert view only