For the longest time, I always felt that MacBooks are overpriced and overrated. That’s why my always go-to on PCs and Laptops has always been Windows because they are cheaper, upgradable, and compatible with almost all programs.

But since November last year, I got so curious about the email newsletter I got from Apple about M1. So they are finally going to release their own chip for their laptop. Hmm, what’s that?

Then early this year, every video I see on YouTube talks about how good and fast the new M1 chip is.

And because my gaming PC seemed to act up all the time when I am editing videos, I realized why not give the new M1 MacBooks a try. As of now, everyone is already talking about leaks on the next generation of the said chip.

However, I don’t think my stress on my creative workflow could wait for that. Also, I think the M1 MacBooks’ price is a bit lower compared to before because Apple may have been testing the market for the new chip, so I thought maybe the upcoming releases would be back at its overpriced tags.

I hope that wouldn’t be the case anymore because they no longer have to pay for Intel.

Anyway, let’s hop into my way of reviewing things.

Let’s talk about the build and specs of the MacBook Air M1

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