Productivity, time management, project management, building habits, to-do lists, morning routines (for some)… These are usually the ideal things we want to do or achieve in our daily lives and in our work (well, aside from success). But then it’s just really hard to maintain because of a lack of knowledge or awareness of what we do.

If you are working from home like me, I’m sure you also notice that when we’re at home, we tend to procrastinate more or we get easily distracted by so many things. So we lose track of what’s important and what is not. It’s true that this happens to many people who work from home because we have less supervision when working. We have access to our phones and other gadgets that are the primary source of distraction.

So I tried to look for ways that could help me be aware of what I do, what I am supposed to be doing, and what I have done. In this post, I’m going to share an app that I feel like very underrated yet very powerful. To start off, it’s free but has a premium version that is way cheaper than the other apps. It’s loaded with all the great tools you need to do more.

As you could see on the title, it is TickTick—— a task management/productivity app. I’ll try to keep it short but just keep in mind that I usually write looooong posts. HAHA!

List of Features

It has all the basic functions of a productivity app like Todoist, Any.Do and things like that. You can create tasks, add due dates, create reminders, set priorities. It has notifications too, I just feel like it’s worth mentioning because as I remember when I was using Todoist as a free user, you don’t get any notifications. Anyway, let’s dive deeper into its other functions.

Highly Customizable (SUPER)

If you go to their settings page you’ll see so many options to customize like the following:

Task default settings

Here you can change the defaults: reminder, due date, and priority when creating a new task. Meaning if you always set the due date of new tasks for tomorrow, you can set it as the default due date instead of putting it 1 by 1 on your new tasks. I use it a lot because I plan my to-do list a day before and it’s very useful.

Full control on Notifications

I feel like the developers of this app really tried to address many issues that users may have encountered with its competitors. Notifications can always be neglected and sometimes I tend to dismiss the notifications to procrastinate more.

Productivity app that allows you to have full customizability on notifications so you won't miss your tasks on due.

But with the help of the notification options on TickTick, I can make notifications and reminders finally break up with my laziness. Imagine an app that lets you make notifications to be annoying so you would attend to it.

You can see it all on the settings.

Enable or Disable Smart Date/Tags Recognition

Smart date recognition(it’s when you put dates and the app recognizes it as the due date) can always be helpful but for some people, they don’t like it. With this app, you can enable or disable it and at the same time, you have an option whether to keep the dates or tags on the title of the task or not.

Set up your daily alerts

Always get on top of your daily agenda with Tick Tick daily alerts feature