Note taking is very important for bloggers and almost anyone. You do that for your grocery list, reminders, to-do list and just anything you wanna remember or organize. I love my physical notebooks and digital notebooks. It helps me remember things, organize my thoughts and plan the things I wanted to achieve in any kind of matter. And because it is so important to me, I wanted to have it accessible as much as possible and flexible.

Evernote is one of the most important tool for me. It’s very accessible to all my devices and it is very flexible. 

Today, I’m going to share 6 Key Features of Evernote that makes it the best and most outstanding note taking app for me.

Stacked Notebooks

My notebooks are quite messy, but I realized that I should be minimizing it down. Since it may take so much time to trim down the notebooks, I found out that I can stack them to make it more neat. Here’s a sample screenshot of my stacks.

I deleted my old evernote account because I find it so messy. Since this is my second account, I wanted to make sure that it is well managed as much as possible.

Stacked notebooks on Evernote