Undas or All Saints and Souls Day(those are November 1 and 2) is just 2 days away. Going to the cemetery with your kids can be a hassle and very hard, but most of us have to bring them of course. Usually, this event is one of the only days you can see your other relatives together. Probably this would be the first time that you are about to introduce your kids to some relatives or friends. I’m sure it’s pretty exciting.

I used to get excited for Undas when I was young because I get to see all my cousins, aunts, and uncles. I used to play a lot with candles and betting games for a chick or a toy. It’s overwhelming and fun. Now that I am a mother, it’s my turn to keep my kids safe at all times. I wondered how my mom managed us when we were kids. Lol.

For people who are reading this overseas:

Undas is some kind of celebration we Filipinos do to have a day with a family member or a friend who’s already in peace. It is so similar to “Día de Muertos”, which was demonstrated in the animated film Coco. For short it is the Day of the Dead.

Why prep your kids for this day?

First of all, cemeteries will definitely be crowded during this day. You won’t be able to drop a needle at all. Especially at the Manila North Cemetery(the largest in the Philippines), that is where we are going. Having that said, kids are very prone to get lost. Stores may either be closed on this day or be crowded too. Basically, it’s like your going to enter a survival mode battle on this day.

Here are the things you need for Undas

Child’s Anti-Lost Wrist Straps