Bitcoin Faucet is one of the easiest and safest places to collect free bitcoin. However, I am sure a lot of people are very hesitant when someone talks about money-making. But I am still going to try and share this risk-free opportunity with everyone!

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I did post a long time ago about what bitcoin is and where to earn them. Due to the high demand for this cryptocurrency, lots of bitcoin faucets lowered down the amount they give away to their users. Some of them prolonged the wait time for the next claims to avoid too many giveaways.

However, since I had this blog, I created a subdomain to build this bitcoin faucet without any additional cost for domains and hosting.

That’s why I am proud to say that this faucet is going to be the highest paying bitcoin faucet for the year 2018. Well, I am planning to have it as long as I can keep the revenue of the site.

If you’re curious about the whole scheme why I would giveaway bitcoins then let me tell you why.

First of all, I run ads on this site. For the people to keep coming to the site(and get revenue), the wait time for each claim is just 10 minutes.

Having that said the giveaways will be a portion of the total profit of the site. So basically, the site would earn while visitors do the same thing.

This is for the people who are just starting to earn bitcoins. Some wouldn’t bother having it but for me getting small amount of bitcoins from faucets can make huge amounts. AND RISK FREE!

Anyway the only effort I’ll do is solve the captcha to prove I’m a human and claim. Then wait once 10 minutes has passed. Isn’t that simple?? That’s how bitcoin faucet works.

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