Two hours ago— while washing the dishes an idea came through all of a sudden. I thought maybe a blog community is a good idea! But I am thinking maybe it would be better if I have a team to manage it. So here’s how the plan goes.

Create a blog community

I am not sure if everyone is familiar with what it is but FYI: blogging community is a blog site that allows blog post submissions or author applications to have content for a site.

But of course, the blog submissions are going to be reviewed and moderated to make sure that the site will only have decent content.

Need to have a team

So if this was idea would boom, I am sure I cannot do it all alone. I am hoping to have a group of bloggers who would help me manage the community.

I guess 5 to 10 is good enough to make a start-up. However, none of my friends or relatives are into blogging. I tried to explain but it was confusing for them. That’s why I posted it just in case my fellow bloggers would be interested.

Make it popular

Since it should be a group of bloggers, the first content of the site should be coming from the group. We also have to make it popular as possible to be able to do the next goal.

Make it profitable

The good thing about this idea is to make the site profitable. I guess we could have some ads running on the site.

Of course, the earnings will be divided equally(or depending on the agreement) to the moderators or admin of the site.

Those are the people who will start it up.

To be fair with the writers, they are allowed to include their social media or blog sites on their submissions. And hopefully have a monthly awarding on the top writers or contributors.

That would be beneficial for writers to get backlinks and exposure if the site that we’ll build especially if we could make it popular somehow.

Start-up money

This is really important. If we wanna make it profitable it would be best to have it as a self-hosted WordPress blog with a paid domain.

My site is hosted at x10premium and they have a monthly plan for 6.95 USD and I bought my domain for 12 USD. This is the cheapest I found so far. But having it paid for one year or more, it could be a lot cheaper.

So the group should at least chip in for the domain and hosting while the blog hasn’t established good income yet.

A Challenge I foresee

Trust — I don’t think it is easy to set up a self-hosted blog with other people because trust is sometimes hard to get. I am afraid that people won’t trust me that easily. But I’d really wanted to have a meet up with the people who wanted to group with me and start this idea to life.

I really hope that I can find some blogging peeps to do this project.

If you’re interested

That would be really nice. But I need your commitment in making this work at least for a year since domains are paid yearly. This should be a team effort. Although I am willing to make some discussions with all interested people.

Of course, this should be planned really well so meetings should be required. It has to be systematic and managed. Share me your details and I will contact you ASAP.

I am really excited now even though I am not sure if someone would ever fill out the form. Btw, the form is below:

Sign up form for a Blog community project

This post has no edits because I am super excited to post it.

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