Children are very vulnerable with viral diseases like colds, fever and cough. Their immune system are not yet good in fighting virus that causes these common diseases. Since they aren’t good yet, we wanted their body to be more strong and reliable to keep our kids away from viruses.

Medications and antibiotics are one of the reasons why these defenses are being weak. Not because meds are bad and weakens our kids body. But its not allowing the body to learn how to fight these viruses. To cut it short, the body gets dependent on medications.  

Simple colds? Meds! Fever? Meds! Cough? Meds! 

Being dependent on medication can also increase our tolerance with it. I’m pretty bad in citations but you can search it on Google. Excessive use of medicines can also lead to kidney or liver problems. Sobrang advance mag isip!!! Hahaha. 

For the first three days you may wanna check your kid first before taking medication. But keep in mind that there are limitations to this as well. Having limitations only means that you have to seek doctor’s prescription already. You can still continue the home remedies while taking whatever prescription given by the doctor.

Let’s start with the limitations.

Fever started reaching 39° Celsius

fever reaches 39 degree celcius