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How to get started with Axie Infinity in the Philippines?

How to get stated with Axie Infinity in Philippines

Everyone’s going crazy right now in the Facebook Gaming community about Axie Infinity. I just posted one story last night congratulating the Axie Infinity players because of the price ramp-up of the game tokens and everyone is asking me if I play the game or if I am looking for a scholar.

I honestly don’t play the game but I’ve been eying it for quite a while now.

So for those folks who are asking me how to get started this post can be of help even though I don’t play it since I have set up an account before as I was planning to play it back then.

Why am I not playing it? You might be curious.

Well, it’s not that I don’t want to but I think this isn’t my entry point for that game. Just like any crypto investment, you must first learn everything about it. You can’t just give out your money just because someone told you they are earning A LOT.

You have to consider that they must’ve entered the game prior to or during the Ethereum market is on a deep dive.

Anyway, I’m not here to discourage anyone. I just want to answer the why on this part and the main reason is I don’t know how to play those types of games, the price is too high right now and my money is about to be used for a laptop because my PC for content creation suck.

Honestly, I am not at that certain level to invest in this game yet. And because I am not willing to lose any at the moment, I preferred to buy a laptop first despite many of my friends telling me that I can DEFINITELY get a return on investment in a short period of time.

But for those who wanted to play, Axie Infinity here’s a guide to get started. I may not be able to teach the gameplay but I’ll help you equipped with the knowledge you need to get started.

What do you need to get started with Axie Infinity?

  1. PC, yes you can play the game on mobile but to sign up you must have the DeFi wallets required which only runs on browser extensions. Since mobile phone browsers don’t have that, a PC is a must. I strongly suggest that you use your own PC not just a public PC from computer shops.
  2. Required DeFi Wallet:
    1. RONIN — This is a side chain wallet and the main wallet used for the game. It is designed to make transactions faster and gas fees lower.
    2. MetaMask/Binance Smart Chain Wallet (Must be on ETH network) — This is used for bridging funds from and to RONIN. The supported wallet is really Metamask, but I’ll explain what the Binance Smart Chain wallet is for later on. The purpose of MetaMask is for cashing in and out ETH from Ronin’s wallet.
  3. Funds — At the time of writing, a lot of players suggest starting with 50k PHP, but a friend of mine advised me earlier that the prices are going up to 80K PHP 😱. You must be prepared for the gas fees of course otherwise you can’t transact if your funds are just really for the cost of Axies. BTW, the game requires 3 Axies(aka characters) to play.

So yes, as you can see the starting money that you need is quite high. If I’d go ahead with it I need to give up on that MacBook on my cart. 🙄

Create your crypto wallet

For beginners, setting up a DeFi wallet can be tricky but it’s really simple. My main DeFi wallet is Binance Smart Chain Wallet which supports Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain because whatever I do on dApps(Decentralized apps—like Axie Infinity) goes back to Binance Exchange for continuity of Investments. So let’s say you want to further invest your earnings from Axie Infinity. You can trade it, stake it or save it on Binance to earn more.

Binance Exchange has a trading pair for SLP and AXS so Binance DeFi wallet just makes it easier to transfer tokens between wallets and the Exchange but it’s not necessarily required since you can also do it with MetaMask.

Now when creating a DeFi wallet account all you need is to install the extension > set up a password > save your seed phrase.

Custodial vs Non-Custodial Cryptocurrency Wallets

Your seed phrase is much more important than your password. You can lose your password but never the seed phrase. Make sure you write it down in the correct sequence on a paper or wall. Just something non-digital that will never fade.

Every time you’ll create a wallet account, you’ll be given a unique seed phrase. If you don’t want to keep many seed phrases you can simply import your seed phrase to another wallet so you would have the same address and seed phrase.

You can do that with Ronin. You can create your wallet with MetaMask first and then you can import your MetaMask wallet seed phrase to Ronin. It may have the same address but it will have a different network so it’s fine.

For some people though, they would rather have multiple wallet addresses and seed phrases than one so in case they lost one they aren’t losing their entire assets. But that is up to you. Just don’t ever share or lose your seed phrase. AND BEWARE OF PRETENTIOUS SITES THAT ARE ASKING FOR SEED PHRASES.

MetaMask and Binance Chain Wallet (Decentralized Wallets to Check)

To make sure you’re getting the right wallet you can use the links below:




Funding your wallet to buy Axies without using CoinsPH

To get started fund your wallets first, you can register even without funds but why register if you don’t have LOL. You can’t explore the game anyway without Axies.

A lot of the players in the Philippines suggest that you buy your Ethereum with CoinsPH. However since Axie Infinity now has full support use for Ronin, you can now purchase Wrapped Ethereum directly. When you say wrapped ETH or WETH that is the same value of Ether but it is already the bridged version of Ether, so you can use it on Ronin’s side chain.

Buying and Selling Price of Ethereum with CoinsPH
Buying and Selling Price of Ethereum with CoinsPH (at the time of writing)

If you’re going to use CoinsPH to purchase that’s okay but you have to fund first your CoinsPH account, which may incur transaction fees plus the OTC conversion rate of PHP to ETH will apply(meaning the rates are higher when buying). Not only that, CoinsPH doesn’t support the direct transfer of ETH to Ronin.

Therefore you’ll have to pay the miner fees to send your ETH from CoinsPH to Metamask. And from Metamask you’ll convert/bridge your ETH to WETH to use it with Ronin side chain which I’m sure will have gas fees.

To make it easier just use the purchase WETH option on Ronin Wallet by clicking Deposit > Purchase. You’ll be using a debit card in this case with a minimal fee compared to multiple transaction and gas fees.

Purchasing rate from RONIN ( captured at the same time with the CoinsPH screenshot rate)
Purchasing rate from RONIN ( captured at the same time with the CoinsPH screenshot rate)
Buying rate when converted to PHP appears to be lower than the buying price with CoinsPH
Buying rate when converted to PHP appears to be lower than the buying price with CoinsPH

If you don’t have a debit card, maybe you can try signing up for a Tonik Account. I recently reviewed that and they offer a virtual debit card as soon as you successfully created an account. I have tried it for online purchases on different sites and it has worked so far.

Coins.PH vs Binance: A Beginners Guide

Set up your Axie Infinity Account

If everything is set, just go to https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/login > Choose Ronin Wallet > Confirm the Pop-up by Ronin.

Axie Infinity Login with Ronin Wallet

I don’t have the screenshots for the account set up because I already have one but they have a message there of the things you need to complete like adding an email and password, connecting your wallets, and so on.

Buy your first 3 Axies on the Marketplace

Axies Marketplace on Axie Infinity

I realized that many players are also selling Axies on Facebook and accepting alternative payment methods but even though you can buy from them using GCash or whatever you still need to fund your crypto wallets for gas fees. Also, I am not sure if who’s legit selling or scamming so just beware of scammers.

Otherwise, you can buy on Axie Infinity Marketplace for a legit transaction.

To pick your first three Axies, you may want to read 👉🏼this article for guidance. Basically, it must consist of your Tank, Damage Dealer, and Support if that’s what they call it.

ETH 2.0 Staking with Binance: What you need to know before staking?

Download Axie Infinity to start playing

At this point, the game is not listed on Play Stores but you can download the game on their website. Just hit the Play Now button and it will give you the file download you need. You can play it on your PC and mobile devices.

If you’re going to use a mobile phone, don’t use multiple accounts as I’ve seen a post where someone was banned for that. Although, I’m not sure if it’s a possibility or just fake news so just be careful.

To log in to your Axie Infinity account on mobile, just log in to the marketplace, and on the dashboard, you’ll see a button that says “Show QR code” you just have to scan that.

On PC, you can use your email and password.

Once you logged in make sure you click on sync and start questing. Completing Quests and Winning matches will reward you SLP which then you can transfer from Ronin Wallet to Metamask and trade on Binance and other supported Exchanges.

You can also breed Axies to improve your gameplay or sell Axies.

So far that’s all for me today as I can’t teach you yet with the gameplay, but it’s like the Pokemon on Gameboy in the past (in my perspective)so it’s quite interesting.

The FAQ page of Axie Infinity

If you have questions in setting up an account or if you have something to add here leave us a comment.

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4 thoughts on “How to get started with Axie Infinity in the Philippines?”

  1. Hi, newbie here! I deposited money (using my BDO debit card) in my Ronin wallet on July 12th. The money has been deducted to my BDO account in just a couple of seconds. However, the money isn’t reflecting in my Ronin account yet. I’ve never received the email confirmation about the payment as well. Please help 🙁

    1. Hi usually it takes time to purchase cryptocurrencies but if it is still not reflecting on your account I suggest you get in touch with Ramp’s support since that’s the third-party provider for Ronin wallet, you can check their support page here 👉🏼 https://support.ramp.network/en/

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