I’ve always been asked this one question since I started posting about cryptocurrencies again. The question always starts with “How to get started with Cryptocurrency?”. I really don’t know why it’s always that phrase but yeah, we’ll answer it today.

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor, this is just more about sharing personal opinions and experiences. So invest carefully at your own risk.

From the mindset to the actual process. I know these people I know wouldn’t bother reading this at all but I hope those who really wanted to learn would read through. Because I’ll share my real experience and not just the same stuff you can find from people who wanted to hook you into crypto. Although I admit that I’m not an expert, still I wanted to share this so you’ll have an idea and can build your own path.

Mindset matters on Crypto

I think this applies to anywhere and any aspect of life. When you get into something you should not be swayed by your emotions or else you’ll lose the game.

Before you even get started with crypto here are the things you should be aware of:

  1. Not everything in crypto goes all the way up. A lot of people get interested with cryptocurrencies simply because someone is sharing their huge returns on social media like TikTok and Facebook. Or someone is predicting that a specific coin will double or give you 100x returns. LOL. Definitely that’s possible but without caution it can go the other way around.
  2. Your investment can go up and down in a matter of seconds. And yes you can lose it all in minutes if you’re emotional enough to get swayed by the movements of the market. This happens when there are bad news happen and a lot of people are selling because of fear however if you sell with them you just lost your profits and capital. Well it still depends but I never sell at a lower price than my buying price even I had to wait for a long period of time as long as it didn’t go to waste. But of course it’s up to you.
  3. You have to stick to a plan that is based with a thorough research. If your research tells you that this is going to be great in a long run even a huge free fall shouldn’t shock you. A lot of movements in the market is shaky but if you know what you’re doing even -60% won’t flinch you.

I didn’t have the mindset 5-7 years ago, I had a -90% negative portfolio due to liquidation and some platforms that shut down. That’s why I decided to stop. Even my blogs about crypto have stopped for a long time due to that heartbreaking moment. However, if that wasn’t sold or if I didn’t mishandle it then it could’ve been a great profit for me.

Anyway, I just got my bitcoins in the past from bitcoin faucets actually until today I still visit faucets even they give only a few satoshis nowadays because I learned one simple lesson from my husband and that is to value even the smallest amount of money.

Balance accumulated from Bitcoin Faucets