Last time, I informed everyone about what my posts for this month are going to be. So I’m so excited to share with you a new way to earn interest from your Bitcoin passively. If you don’t know yet what Bitcoin is you can refer to my Bitcoin Category in this blog.

There are so many ways to earn Bitcoins but some of them are risky. For some people, they know for a fact that the Bitcoin price is very unpredictable. So it’s quite hard to take risks in trading them. I’m actually trading small amounts of Bitcoin but I can’t afford trading higher amounts because I’m quite afraid in losing it. But that is one of the most profitable way to earn Bitcoin if you’re a good trader. It can also be risky because there are some websites that promise high returns in just a day or so. I was once scammed with those kind of schemes twice. The thing is they would pay you once just to engage you in investing more but they shut down the sites after a while.

But in the past three or four years, I have used a site that offers a bitcoin faucet(check out the top 5 bitcoin faucet that I use) and provides interests on your balance. Just a quick description of what a bitcoin faucet is — it’s a site that offers you free bitcoins but in a very small amount. These website gets revenue from ads and captchas that they run on the site, so for users to keep visiting their site they share a small amount of their revenue from the visitors.

That site I’m talking about is . I’ve been using this site for over three years now and I have already withdrawn 0.09150670 BTC without any investment. That’s more than 45K PHP if you’ll convert it using the current price rate. But I spent them all for nonsense stuff way back.

And take note I’ve been using it for over 3 years, so it must’ve been a lot of effort. Back then I’ve been claiming free BTC every hour whenever I remembered but since they added a new feature that gives an interest with your balance I decided to save some bitcoins there. I also did a small amount of deposit recently but I’m planning to grow them after my son’s upcoming school expenses.

This site is totally legit, you can try reading reviews about this site and you’ll see how good the feedback about