New month, new goals. Hi to the month of MAY!

Four days ago, we just said goodbye from the month of April while I turned in to 26 years old. I’ve been so unproductive last month because I just had our internet connection back and I got quite addicted to watching Netflix series since our plan with Globe provides a free subscription for 6 months.

Because of that, I’ll try my best to post more on this month of May. Expect more useful posts about credit cards and mobile payment platforms or any money-related topics. The reason behind that is most of my readers from organic search are quite related to those topics. Of course, my usual randomness will never go away.

I’m planning to get a laptop soooooooooooooon, which will be useful for me to produce more helpful articles especially for moms like me. You can also leave a comment to suggest for topics or give feedback. I may also allow guest posting on my blog if someone will be interested.

What else..? Hmm… I’m still thinking about what to say in this post but I guess it’s enough to give you a quick update of what is about to happen in May.

Oh btw, I am still using my bullet journal but I decided to stick on my March set up so there’s no need to show it. ?

That’s all folks. I hope we all have a blessed month this May.

~ Miely

This post is written and posted using mobile device as part of mobile blogging challenge.

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