Just an entry for this day. I don’t write daily. I tend to forget about blogging. Not because I don’t like it. Not because I don’t have time. It’s actually because of the Internet.

I’m in a rural place with no lined connection. Where mobile data are capped even you pay for unlimited surfing.

I’m using my phone right now. I don’t care about the formatting anymore. I just want to write again.

Today is just a normal day. No pay day for me as I’m on an unpaid leave for 2 months now. No means of entertainment at all.

What I only see is the trees which are fine. But I get a lot of insect bites which are terrible.

It’s my 37th week and 2 days of pregnancy. I feel like I’m getting sick all the time. I can’t sleep at night because I’m experiencing some pain. On my pelvic, lower back and sometimes on the upper back too.

I can’t get the right position when sleeping.

I always feel hungry, dizzy and sleepy during day time. I just don’t know what to do.

I feel reckless and tired. I appreciate my pregnancy so much since I am having a girl. But I’m quite stressed.

I’m just writing today with no direction. I guess my title isn’t a match either. I’m just trying to release whatever I am feeling right now.