Do you advertise your own site? Do you want prospects for your affiliate links? Do you need traffic for your blog?

If YES, then this is something that you may wanna know.

 What is Traffic Exchange?

Well, it’s something like trading. You’ll gonna visit someone’s site to earn a credit that you can use for your site to be visible and be viewed by other users as well. Whoever viewed your site will also earn some credits just like when you view their sites. Simple, right?
There are so many programs that allow you to exchange traffic with their members like Hitleap and but they don’t give you money for surfing. I admit that these websites help you gain more prospects and viewers for your site. However, there is something more that you can do with traffic exchanges like earning some money.

Make Money with Traffic Exchange?

Yes! Some money. So it means that the earnings will not be as much as paid to click sites, but there’s still something that you can earn while your site is enjoying traffic that they can give.
One of the best-paid traffic exchanges is EasyHits4U. They allow you to advertise your referral links or your site links. You can also advertise banners and text links.

How does this work?

Well, they have two ways of earning credits:

  1.  2:1 (15 Seconds) – It means that you’ll earn one credit per 2 visits. You need to view each site for 15 seconds before you earn the credit.
  2. 1:1 (20 Seconds) – It means that you’ll earn one credit per site visit. You need to view the site for 20 seconds.
There are times that they give 2 credits per visit, however, the site should be viewed for 40 seconds. They also give weekly rewards and per visit rewards. You can earn these rewards every 25 views after 100 views, you need to view 50 sites to earn rewards.
Those rewards can be extra credits, extra earning, banner impressions or text ad impressions.
BTW, you can convert your credits to banner or text ad impressions.

How will you earn money?

All you need to do is to surf sites as much as you can. Every 1000 sites you view makes you earn $0.3.
You can also refer by using your referral link. Once your referral viewed 100 sites you’ll get $0.10. That earning only happens in the first 100 views of your referral. You can also earn 10 % of their earnings. You can earn up to 40 % commissions once they purchased member upgrades or bought some services from the site.
You can request a payout once you reached the minimum threshold of $3 and they’ll send it to you via PayPal or Payza within 5-7 working days.
If you’re interested. Then join now for free! Click the link  below:

Make money with Easyhits4U a traffic exchange website!