A cute gif from my library

A cute gif from my library

I’m sure you guys have ever heard the Google Photos specially if you use an android phone, because I believe that it is pre-installed app. I believe 😃 . This app(or site… or service) is one of my favorites. It’s not only for android users you know. It can be used across almost all platforms. Since I’m sure you’re all familiar about it I’m not gonna explain too much on what it is. I’m here to actually share the features I love and the things I hate(although I haven’t thought of any thing I hate about it, I’ll try to figure it out later).
I registered for Gmail years back. All gmail accounts are granted of free 15 GB storage on Google Drive which is also connected with Google Photos. It’s the largest free cloud storage capacity being given online(as far as I know), because with iCloud you only get 5GB while OneDrive it’s 10 GB. Imagine the difference right?
I started loving the Google Drive prior to Google Photos. But in 2013, I had an android tablet. Most of my photos were on a microSD card that time. I opened all the apps of the device to know what they were for, until I tapped the Google Photos. Of course on startup it shows how it works and asked me to choose if I want to sync the photos in original quality or high quality. I opted for the high quality because it gives me unlimited space for all my photos AND videos. If you opt in for original quality it would use your storage capacity. Anyway the high quality option is good enough for me. I mean it doesn’t make the photo look terrible it’s still nice and decent so it’s fine.
I’m quite lazy in doing edits on my photos and that’s exactly the reason why I really really like Google Photos. 

WHY? (that's a big question, because it's capitalized)

 I can say that this is for lazy people like me because it automates most of the things such as creating an Album, slideshows or video compilation with music, GIFs of some burst shot photos and/or clips from a video, and also creates collage and other things like that.
Two years ago, Google Photos sent me notification saying “They grew up so fast”, it was a video compilation of my son’s photos from he was a little until his current photos(technically from 2013-2016) and another set of it in 2017. It’s really amazing. I actually posted the video below:

Basically the videos and things they automatically creates will remain on the assistant page for some time or until you actually decided to save it on your library(Google Photos Library).
Google Photos: assistant Page
It also categorizes your photos like this:



The good thing with categorization is that you can set the name of the faces on the people’s section. In case you wanted to search for their pictures from your library you can just type the name that you’ve set and type it in the search bar and it will render all the photos that is related to their face. It recognizes even the small (even the most photo bummer-ish shots) of the person. It also recognizes their faces even it was captured years back.
Look at my niece’s photos:
and this photo above was the worst-lighted capture made on my phone. The baby was sleeping(Jco). My son(AZ) was looking at his left side with his eyes glowing like a tiny light bulb, yet the Google Photos recognized us all.
If you’ll notice it also captures all the details of the photo like where(is the geolocation), when(it was taken), and what ( phone, MP, and other specifics).
You can also search terms like the color of the photo or things on the photo you’re looking for like these below: