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Relx Pod Pro Dismantling and Refilling at Relx Refillable Pod (Insect E-cig Pod) Review

In this video, I tested the Insect E-cigarette Refillable pod for Relx Infinity. You’ll also discover what e-juice/vape juice you should use to make it last. Plus a demo on how to dismantle the Relx Pod Pro to make it a refillable pod. I also tested and discussed my experience and how long we’ve been using the pod so watch til the end.

L a z a d a L i n k s :
Relx Infinity

Relx Pod Mellow Melody

Relx Refillable Pod

Relx infinity Case (Matcha Green)

Refill Bottle

Nerdz Salt Nic

Apple Salt Nic

Vapor Bliss Nutty RY4

Relx Refillable Pod(Alternative)

T i m e s t a m p:

00:00 Intro
01:08 Recap on Relx Infinity Review video
03:42 Vape Juice that you can use on Relx Refillable Pods
04:33 How long does the Relx Pod lasts?
05:02 Additional tip
05:32 Insect E-Cig Cartridge for Relx Infinity
06:20 Comparison on Relx Pod Pro and Refillable Pod for Relx
08:10 Let’s try the 2 pods
11:16 Close up ng test
13:09 Dismantling Relx Pods and refilling tutorial
19:11 Summary/Outro

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