Feb 25 2018 — it was my first Sunday off at work this year. We had to take a rest day on Sunday due to shift transitions. My mother likes to spend dinners or lunches out whenever we are complete whether it’s weekends or weekdays. And yes! We are complete for the weekend.

We spent half of our day just thinking about what to do and where to go. We thought of going to a resort for swimming. We thought of going to the mall and watch a movie. None of that ended to a reality. My mom said it’s already late for swimming and watching a movie is going to be expensive because our babies will also be paid.

Finally, a Suggestion to go to Inbox Food Hub

My niece suggested to eat out at Inbox Food Hub. It’s new to us and we don’t have any idea of where it was. My mom is not so open to new places. We usually eat at random fast food and restaurants at SM Bacoor and Chinese restaurants outside the mall. It’s all overused. So my sister supported her daughter to try it out.

To make my mom agree, I decided to look up reviews on Facebook. Some said that the food and place were nice. Some said it’s too crowded and had to wait for a long time to have their food be served. There are also some reviews that say there’s a lot of food choices.

We looked for Reviews

As we checked the reviews we realized that the negative feedback arises during night time and weekend visits only But overall they say that the food was nice. So the decision was final. My mom agreed to try it out.

We get there at around 4 pm. Almost 5 pm actually. There’s a lot of seats available. There’s a playground in the middle of the place. Where you can let your kids play without a charge and since it’s in the middle you can see your kids afar.

inbox food hub review : Mielygraphy