Last month, I gave you a heads up that I’ll be making a review about my purchase of the newest product of Dove(which is the Dove Baby hair-to-toe bath). Well, this may not be so new, but it was just recently advertised and distributed in the Philippines.

I was really heading to buy Cetaphil baby wash last time but for some reason, they’re out of stock. I noticed that Dove Baby products are all over Watsons and SM Supermarket.

The small bottle is just less than 200 PHP and the bigger bottle is 289 PHP. The price is cheaper at Puregold but I saw it just a week after buying the first bottle.

When writing a review, I prefer trying the item for a while before judging it because there are products that are best when used longer. I think this Dove Baby really worked that way.

I’ll be pointing out the things I liked and the things I don’t.

What I like about Dove Baby

The Scent

Since I have a baby and a kid. I usually consider buying one product that can be used by both of them. When buying baby baths or soaps, there are products that are not preferable for active kids. It may be because of the very mild scent or simply because it’s just really intended for babies. I’m sure mothers would understand what I am trying to imply here. Some products react with the sweat of some kids and of course babies are not that sweaty so the product works for them.

It’s nice that Dove Baby worked well for both of them. They both smell good. My son sweats a lot because he’s so playful and active. Even after the sweat, I can still get a decent smell out of him. Hahaha.

No need for separate shampoo

Yes! I know it’s a Hair-to-toe wash but some brands don’t give a good result with I’m my kids’ hair. Other brands make their hair sticky or dry, while Dove Baby amazingly makes their hair soft and somewhat shiny.

It has the legacy of Dove

When you think of dry skin some would think about using moisturizers and lotions. As for me, I hate lotions a lot, I feel sticky when I use them. So if there’s something to use aside from lotions, definitely it would be Dove soap or body wash.
Dove Baby is quite new but it indeed works well just like all other Dove products.

It’s thick

Well due to its thickness, I am able to mix it with some parts of water to extend its use. Even it’s mixed with water it still gives you a good lather.

Last would be the price

It’s a good product for kids and babies. The price is just right unlike other products that are so expensive and since you can use it as a shampoo, soap, and moisturizer all in one, you can save a lot from it.

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So what I don’t like about it?

Hmm, let me think, okay. Actually, there’s none. But my baby got some reactions that haven’t been proven that it was caused by this hair-to-toe wash by Dove Baby.

What type of reactions?

Good question. Her skin is so smooth but there are some rashes on her skin.
I never become sure of where those rashes are coming from. All I know is that they’re gone when she’s using Cetaphil Baby Lotion and that the rashes don’t make her irritated.

Another thing I noticed is that after we used this Dove Baby hair-to-toe wash, her eyes started to become goopy. The product states that it is tear-free but for some reason, she experienced these eye goops only when she started using the product. I’m not sure if the issue is related to the wash or if there’s something else that causes this. Anyway, it’s quite controllable. I usually dab some freshly expressed breast milk to take away the eye goops but after a few days, it gets back.

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As I have said I am not so sure if it has been caused by this Dove baby but I’ll try to figure it out. ☺️
Overall, I like almost everything about it even the packaging looks cool.
My mom is stopping me from thinking that the rashes and the eye goops are caused by Dove Baby that’s why I purchased another bottle of it. She knows that I am about to switch again. So she made me realize that I have to consider other factors why my baby is getting a few rashes and eye goops.

Just an update: the eye goops were gone and also the rashes. But there are times that she still occurs some rashes. I’ll try the Baby Dove sensitive next time.

Hope this helps. Please share your thoughts about Dove Baby’s hair-to-toe wash if you have tried it.
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