While our baby is growing, the expenses for their needs are increasing too. They may need larger diapers, more food or more milk. Sometimes we’re running out of ways to keep up with the budget without sacrificing anything for our kids.

My baby has been switching diaper brands over the past months because it’s either too expensive or giving some diaper rashes. Although I’m breastfeeding, sometimes I’m running out of budget too because of diapers.

Diaper Usage severity for baby girls?

She pees a lot and my mom always says that the diaper is full that’s why we’re always forced to change her diaper even it was just peed like once or twice. Ma please don’t be mad when you see this but yes it’s not yet full. 🙂 On a daily basis, my baby is using almost 10 diapers on average. I’m not really sure if that’s a lot. But for people who solely work for all the expenses like me, that can be too much.

Cloth diapers I have for my baby?

Tips on How to survive a day with Cloth Diapers for your baby!