We finally had a chance in trying out some newly opened hang out places like Romantic Baboy just within the city of Bacoor and I’ll be writing the most detailed review you could possibly see on the web. If you haven’t visited the place and planning to go, read this before doing so.

If you’ve been here already or some other branches feel free to share your experience to help us guide people with their choices. 😉

To start it off…What is Romantic Baboy ???

It’s an affordable Unlimited Korean BBQ (Samgyupsal) restaurant which opened a branch in Bacoor, Cavite recently. They offer several types of flavored beef and pork meat that you can pair up with rice or lettuce as Samgyeopsal. 

Samgyeopsal is becoming super popular in the Philippines as korean dramas and music are invading our world of entertainment. It’s really fun to prepare and eat. 

Romantic Baboy is just one of the Samgyeopsal/Unlimited Korean BBQ restaurants you can find in Bacoor. There are some others which I am hoping to try out soon and review. 

Today I’m just gonna share our experience at Romantic Baboy which recently opened a branch last 2018 in Bacoor, Cavite.

We love eating out. But my mom isn’t really open in trying out new restaurants. That’s why I am so glad she approved this one. 

She likes eating in places where we always eat. We are just a walk away from SM Bacoor, so whatever fast food or restaurant you could see inside that mall is already usual for us. We can’t even go to all-you-can-eat places because she has diabetes.

She is very restricted to eating a lot of food. She even has her schedule for eating which she strictly follows. Not to mention that she even panics when the clock strikes the time for her to eat.

Sorry mom if I have to say it out loud in this blog. The thing is wait time is really important for us when it comes to dining.

I did a prior check with my food buddies!

Before we even go there, I already asked a few people who have been there to know if there’s a long line. I was told that their lines are always piled up. So we decided to go there around 5 pm for dinner. Just to make sure we can be seated before 6 pm. 

My mom arrived there 10 mins before us since she went to Baclaran.

How’s the wait and line at Romantic Baboy Bacoor?

There were no lines when we get there. My mom is already seated. I’d love to be on the couch but they were already taken. A few moments later, probably around 6 pm. There are waitlisted customers already. Not too much for a weekend dinner. I believe there were 3 or 4 groups waiting on the line. So I’d strongly suggest coming earlier before dinner to avoid waiting.

Time limits

Based on our visits(yeah we went there thrice last month hohoho), there was no time limit. 

I remembered on our first visit there was a group of foodies that stayed there from when we even arrived and until even after we finished. So if they were an hour earlier than us they’ve probably been there for 5 hours. 

We arrived at 5 pm and went out at 8 pm. I’m not sure if they have a time limit in case of peak times.

How much is the price of Romantic Baboy?

If you’ll take a look at their menu, you’ll get confused about it. You’ll see the menu photo later on this post. (BTW, UPDATE: We visited this place again in June 2019 and they changed it already.. Having a smaller menu without the pricing on each meat type like it used to)

It has some individual pricing. We asked if we can order it as ala carte but the lady told us that they don’t have solo orders. But when I asked if Ramyun(Korean instant noodles) is unlimited they told me that is per order. Hmmm. 

Their price for unlimited bbq is 499 and half the price for kids 5 years old and below.

Payment method

Just in case you wanna know. They only accept cash in Romantic Baboy Bacoor branch. I don’t know with other branches if they do.

Romantic Baboy’s menu and servings

They have 6 side dishes and tons of choices for meat. They have kimchi, egg and cheese on the side of the griller. All refillable. 
They also have unlimited rice and gochujang jjigae soup(not spicy, just to set expectations). 

They serve 2 meat choices at a time. To avoid leftovers. They claim no leftovers allowed but they don’t charge. But of course, I don’t encourage anyone to have leftovers because it’s not good. Okay?

Side dishes:

  1. Chap Chae
  2. Fishcake(the first visit it was spicy but on other visits, it wasn’t)
  3. Coleslaw 
  4. Onion leaves
  5. Fried, I don’t know it’s like meat
  6. Zzzz kimchi.

I saw on another review that the fried side dish is chicken. That review is for Romantic Baboy on a different branch tho. 

Their side sauces are vinegar(kinda mild type of it), sesame oil, peppered salt, and soybean paste. Their soybean paste is a bit sweet but not too much.

If you used to buy the grocery version of it you’ll taste the difference. 

If no garlic and green chilis available on your table you can request for it. To add spice. 

They also have a Korean liquor which is Soju. Didn’t tried that because I may need a chaser. LOL. 

How’s their food

Honestly, their flavored meat isn’t that flavorful. Like for example the herbed meat. It’s not really herby. The curry as well is too mild. I’m not sure if it has been made to be like that based on food preferences of Filipinos or their customers. But if you want something authentic I guess it’s not a perfect fit for you. 

On the other hand, they have nice sauces which you can use to make it taste. 

TIP: They have rolled thin slices of pork like the one on the picture below. Most people spread it on the griller but mom grills it as is. And I find it nice. It gets cooked well and tasty that way. It’s also easier than spreading it because it’s to thin and gets stuck on the griller when spread.

My baby liked the fishcake even it tasted a little spicy. My son is an avid fan of their egg. It is served as a seasoned beaten egg on the griller(The egg formula looks thin I don’t know why.. Yeah! Formula! Haha). It takes a bit to have it cooked. 

We love everything about it. Anyone can tell that because we’ve gone to that place 3 times in just a month. Definitely will go there in future as well. The food is above average. Not that high end but is reasonable for the price. 

They use a charcoal grill but their exhausts are good enough to take the smoke. 

Kid friendliness

For those who don’t know, I am a mom so this is important for me.  I can say that the place is kid-friendly. My kids are entertained by the TV that plays Korean MVs. 

Their high chair has a wide built-in table. We did disinfect it because my baby is such a food lover. The table set as her plate so we have to make it clean. 

The griller is in the middle of the table.  If you have a baby seated on the high chair they won’t be able to reach the grillers. 

They also don’t use glassware. They are using melamine wares and metal cups.

Overall review

I’ve seen some bad reviews about it being a terrible place and complaints about noise, wait time and price. But I have to disagree. 

The price is just so right. Romantic Baboy Bacoor is perfect for BBQ.  

Don’t expect for a solemn place because this is a barbecue place and they offer unlimited food. 

So people tend to ask for refills from time to time. People go here to bond with families and friends, so they’ll definitely talk while they eat. At the same time, you can’t stop the sounds of the griller when placing fresh meat. 

For those who are saying that it’s not worth the price, I don’t know how they could say that. The servings are too much for the price. If I am the business owner and ask one person to buy all the meat and side dishes, I’d probably ask him to pay more than 499. 

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So for me, the price isn’t that much and it’s very reasonable.
The plates are pretty small but expected for Korean bbq places. 
The service is average. There’s a lot of people eating and asking for things so be patient with some who serves. I hate people who scold waiters in public. 

It’s a nice place to hang out and eat.

Not for maarte and pa rich kids. Definitely not a fine dining restaurant. For those who love Korean barbecue, unlimited food and those who have a huge stomach like me, this is a great place to eat. 

Other parts of the restaurant

The shared parking lot is available since it is within a compound.

The comfort room is quite disappointing. For a newly opened place, you wouldn’t expect to see it messy and broken. Good thing, we are just one jeepney away from Romantic Baboy Bacoor. That is why we are able to keep our needs to use the comfort room. Hope they could fix it soon.

If you find this review helpful please share and comment your own thoughts below. 

This post is not paid and we’ve had all our food at our own expense. How I wish it’s free hahaha!

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Photos we’ve had at Romantic Baboy Bacoor