What a busy latter part of the year 2018. Isn’t it a great year? It was pretty fast though.

The year is about to end and yet I am still busy doing so many things. The focus is rambling because I feel like I have to rush a lot.

I am viewing an online course at coursera.org when I just suddenly missed writing.

I’ve been so transparent in my last posts that I am wanting to move to freelance in 2019. That’s why my lists are loaded with stuff like “look for clients”, “look for online jobs”, take online courses for certifications, build social media presence, and a lot lot more!

Btw, I’ll do a pro bono for my co-bloggers who have been following my blog. Will post it on the new year. ?

Let’s dive into my year 2018

From what I am saying this year seems to be pretty fast. But I have seen a lot of good things despite the bad things that happened.

The part of the year I hated the most

My job is at risk because I just can’t take how everything goes in this company. We’ll just keep the why as a secret. But I don’t like it anymore. And I can’t find a good reason to stay longer.

Even though it wasn’t an ideal year for my current job. I am thankful that I am able to work on things I really loved doing. Like blogging.

Highlights of 2018

  • This year is the most active year of my blog.
  • Not only that! This is also the year where I am able to embrace and stick with my domain. I used to change a lot because I feel like my past domains were terrible.
  • It was also the time where my blog has incorporated Google AdSense which somehow gives me a minimal amount of earnings.
  • Then I had my haircut.
  • My kiddos most important birthdays which is my son’s 7th birthday and my daughter’s 1st birthday.
  • This is the year as well where I had the longest unpaid leave which is actually more than one month (it’s a combination of good and bad experience)
  • Last but not least I was able to launch my start-up business and got the courage to partially entering freelancing.


I’m also grateful for a lot of things that happened this year

First of all, I am so thankful to God,m for giving me the courage in taking risks to pursue what I really love.

I am also grateful for having wonderful kids who enlightened me in giving more importance to time. I realized that having a job with good benefits is not good enough if I would have lesser time for my family.

Also, I’d like to thank Citibank for giving me a credit limit because it leads me to get my tools for the world I’m entering which is (once again)freelancing. I’m sure this bank would be so happy for having me as their client since they would earn a lot from me for having piled up finance charges. Hahaha LOL.

My motivation right now is so high. I am sure that I can make it to success. Don’t worry Citibank I’ll clear that up soon. ?

Lastly, I am thankful that you’ve reached this part. Each view, likes, comments, or any signs of seeing you on my blog is really heartwarming. It motivates me to keep writing. I love you guys ?!

Hope you could share the best and worst part of your year and let’s all be excited for what’s upcoming. Advance ?!

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