Half-jobless! That’s what I call my self right now. 

The unpaid leave

A few weeks ago, I was on an unpaid leave to fix my daughter’s birth certificate. It should be just a 2-day leave. However, getting to Zambales and travel from where we stay and to Olongapo is a long run.

If I would sum up the travel time from:

  • BGC (my work), to Masinloc, Zambales(my relative’s house),
  • to Olongapo, back to Masinloc.
  • After looking for my OB for the OB history. I traveled again from Masinloc again to San Narciso
  • then back to Masinloc.

Hmmm.. it’s about 26 hours. The wait time for buses and processing stuff is not included yet.

I had to go to Olongapo’s City Hall for the late registration(of course with long wait for the lines). Then waited for 3 hours since I am a walk-in patient in my OB’s clinic.

Technically, the 2 days leave is already consumed just by the travel time. 

Then my daughter acquired chickenpox. Because of tha my unapproved leave was extended for 7 days. 

The suspension

For 2 weeks, I am on an unpaid leave. I just got back to work 2 days ago, when I got a notice that I will be on suspension for 10 days. Day offs are not included.

It’s a wow moment for me, I got suspended due to late submission of some soul-sucking documents for SSS Maternity benefits. It’s really damn late. However it was too far and too costly to do, that’s why I am unable to complete it.

The emotions

I am having mixed emotions right now. Happy, frustrated, problematic and a lot more. 

I am happy because I get a chance to stay with my family and probably more time to blog.

Frustrated because I wish they have suspended me from the time they forced me to complete the requirements. So that instead of having 2 weeks unpaid leave, I could’ve had 2 weeks suspension.

The problems

Oh! There’s a lot. The main problem is my finances. Now, I won’t get paid for 2 cut-offs due to what happened. 

I have spent A LOT of time and money to complete the requirements. And now I won’t get paid. I won’t get paid for the payouts of December 14 and 29.

Nothing to spend on Christmas not even on New Year. None for the bills.

NOTHING!!! Hahaha. I’m not shouting.

After spending everything, I won’t get anything. Phew!

The “probably” thing

Well, I just mentioned that I would have time to blog. Probably not. Because tomorrow, is an amazing day. My domain and hosting will be up for renewal. I don’t want to give up this now.

No I won’t. My credit card can be over drafted as far as I know. The question is should I overdraft it for my beloved blog.

I guess yes. It would be my first time to overdraft a card so, I don’t think I would try it on groceries. LOL.

There’s a lot of things that I would like to share. If I was able to post after December 7, then it only means that over drafting my card was successful.

The devastating plan

Not all parts of the plan is devastating. First of all, we need to cut cost.

Since my husband will go back to Olongapo on Friday, he will stay in Masinloc together with my lovely daughter. He has to go to Olongapo to claim the Birth Certificate.

He would stay at his mom’s place to cut the cost for food. Our baby would come with him because I need to do things as well. Because he’s from the province, he knows a lot of things to side hustle there.

Though side hustling there wouldn’t be enough, at least he could earn a bit for buying diapers.  

While they are away, I’ll try my best to learn and do things to make money. Since I just invested on a laptop, maybe I can take the freelancing path. Hopefully, I can get a success.

I have a job but I am like jobless. Lol.

The devastating part is our baby would come with him for me to be able to find some online jobs. /sob

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