Okay, so IFTTT just sent out my IG post on WordPress. I literally forgot about the automation I set up for my #mielygraphy.

Actually, I am still shy to announce this launch on my personal blog. Really! I’m this shy type person talaga.

But since the automation just published it. I am happy to announce that my website and business has fully launched. I call it Mielygraphy & Co.

I saw a LinkedIn profile where she uses the “& Co” thingy and described it as a one-person company. There’s a huge similarity because I am currently alone. But I don’t know if it’s a registered name or what.

Will do my research about it next time. As far as I know freelance business doesn’t require business registration.

Right now, I am trying to promote it organically because I don’t have the budget to run ad campaigns yet. It would be hard for me to market it because I don’t have many friends or connections to help me share it.

I am hoping you guys can help by simply liking my Facebook page. Of course, it would be great if you can share it too. If you don’t mind you can also visit my website and provide some feedback. Anything from you guys would be highly appreciated.

So here are the links please like and share. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

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