Woohoo! I’m able to keep up my bullet journal for two months now. I’m so happy and I realized that it really helps you in so many ways. But my today’s post is not really about what made me better when I started using a bullet journal. It’s actually about my March setup. 
When Life Asks You to Bullet Journal on Evernote (With Free Templates)
Last week, I checked all my pages and logs from January to February. It’s really amazing that I began being more productive and focused based on my logs. But I noticed that there are some huge spaces left blank(usually on my rest days.) I felt like “bullet journal is supposed to make your journal customized and somewhat makes me save pages”, but because of the blank spaces, it seemed like I just wasted pages. Wasting pages only happens when buying planners and definitely, that’s what I wanted to avoid that’s why I opted for bullet journals.