Been blogging for a while for nothing? Some bloggers have great readers great traffic, but just earning popularity. I think when you have those two factors, I think it is time for you to know how to monetize blogs. It is beneficial for you, especially when you pay for your domain, your hosting, or maybe your internet connection. I’m not sure if there is someone in this world who doesn’t know about this. Or maybe they’re aware, but don’t know how to do it.

Before starting to think about monetizing your blog, there are three things you need to have. First is consistency, second is original content and third is quality. Those are connected to one another, if you missed one, you’ll miss everything. If you think you have these three then you have to proceed with reading.
So I’m gonna share a few ways on how to monetize your blog. Just a few because I haven’t tried a lot of things yet. Maybe I’m gonna share more next time, but let’s explore some that I tried. Let’s now go to the list:

Monetize Blogs by having Advertisements

There are several advertising network sites that offer bloggers/publishers to earn money by displaying advertisements from the advertisers who pay the network. For example, I am an advertiser I’ll pay a site to help me advertise, then the site will distribute the ads to the publishers and give them a sort of share on the earnings of the site from the advertisers. Currently, I use, which is easy to use and applicable only for those who have bitcoin wallets. You can ask about it in the comments or probably discuss it on a different post.
Here in this method, they pay per click action of your viewer or for impression(eg. 1$ per 1000 views something like that).
On advertising networks, sometimes it is hard to get approved, but the one I quoted above doesn’t have approval. But there are sites that require approval first. There are a couple of things to remember when you join these sites. First, you must have ORIGINAL CONTENT. Second, you must follow their guidelines therefore your site must not illegal or scam. Third, make sure to have an About Page and Privacy Policy. Fourth your site must look decent and must show signs of ownership. Lastly, there must be clean and enough space for the ads. If your site’s appearance sucks and there’s no room for the ads, then, chances are it wouldn’t be approved.

Join affiliate programs

Basically, it is almost the same as the one above. The difference is you get to have specific products or services being advertised on your site. Of course, the one you have chosen, unlike ads networks they decide what to display on your site.
This method is very nice for those who do product reviews, DIY, food blogs, and cooking tutorial sites. I say that because you can do refer viewers to buy a specific product that they can use to cook a specific meal, do the DIY stuff using an endorsed item, or maybe the one that you are reviewing about. For example, you did a review about the latest iPhone 7 and if you’re an affiliate of a site that sells iPhone 7, you can post it on your product review so that viewers can just click the ad from your site and buy the phone that you just reviews.
What’s your benefit? Usually, affiliate sites will give you a percentage of the sales made from your ads. So if your reader about the iPhone 7 review liked it and wanted to purchase it, they might click your ad for an affiliate site. And once they have bought it you get a commission. Easy, right?
But if you want to have 100% income instead of getting commissions from Affiliate sites you must try

Selling your own product or service

This is something that is usually used by people who know how to unlock a device, sell real estate or cars, or any sort of stuff. I’m not sure if everyone has wondered how to unlock their phones, especially when they got that phone from their service providers. If you’ll google how to unlock your phone you’ll most probably get a site that offers this service for a specific dollar value. They might have set up their sites for a long time now and probably haven’t been updating, but it is possible that they are still earning because they sell their services. Some sites also sell ebooks even though they don’t publish books in print. In this method, you’ll get your full revenue not just commissions.

You know you can also have it all

But remember, sometimes readers sacrifice from seeing overloaded sites. They tend to go away. Make sure not to overdo it so that your readers will stick and follow you still.

In case you don’t know yet what’s best why not try them all. If you do then there are more chances of you getting a larger income. It’s not bad to give it a try.
Hope this post helps. If not, leave us feedback and if yes,  please like, share and subscribe. Cheers!
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