How it is like to be a blogger?

Honestly, I just can’t think of a new topic to post right now. So I just wanna share my thoughts about being a blogger. Just to give you a heads up I am not a pro blogger. Though, I have been blogging for years. Usually, I tend to stop.

What I mean is, I just stop doing it from time to time. That is most likely the problem of beginners. Until now, I consider myself a beginner because I haven’t established my blog so well. I think I had this domain for less than a year now, but if you’ll check the archives, I have some posts that were created in 2013. Those are my old posts from my old blogs that I deleted.
It’s funny because I’ve been blogging for years but keep on stopping and recycling my posts. The reason behind that is there are times that I tend to lose topics. And you know when you’re starting you can’t really figure out what niche you would like to write. Or maybe… You have that interest, but you tend to be inconsistent.
Seriously, it’s hard to be inconsistent. Well, that is for me, I don’t know about the others. But believe me or not, many many many people start a blog but never continues.
If you’ll see my timeline I post irregularly. I have a job and I have a family. Sometimes, it’s really hard to find a time. But you know, if it’s your passion to do something you’ll definitely have a calling. That is why, despite the fact of several attempts of removing my blog, I keep on reviving it.
Most of my struggles are about knowing what to write. I’m somewhat bad at reading. Whenever I read, I tend to select what I have to read (did I explain it right?, I’m a selective reader… That’s it). And when I’m thinking about what to write, I am having a bad day researching it. Basically, what I love writing about are the things that I had experience with. So when there is something interesting to read, I have trouble rewriting it, unless I have tried or experienced the same thing on the write-ups that I read.
For some reason, I have a different writing style from other blogs (because I’m not a pro, I write the way I talk). They are professionals and I’m not. I express my ideas the way I understand things. I believe writing is not just showcasing how good you are but it is about relaying a message to the readers. People might find my ideas scattered, but if you’ll notice most of us have scattered ideas and it’s somehow better than the organized and complicated ideas. Simpler is always the best, no matter what arrangement it has.
Right now, I really don’t know my concrete goals with this blog. I just want to have it there all the time in case I have this sort of calling to write. Sometimes, I really want to engage with my readers to know the topic they would love to read about. However, I have very few followers at the moment. I guess it’s because of inconsistency. But I’m sure I’ll get into it soon.
Just a single tip for everyone who is wanting to start a blog. Blogging takes you forever to establish. If you want to blog for a short period of time it’s very unusual and definitely might be unsuccessful. If you’ll search the meaning of the word BLOG it simply means weblog. For me, LOG means continuous updates or anything that happens.


You make a choice on what you want:

Click your choice to know how to start, but if you’re unsure, check here: What you need to know before starting up a blog? There are only 3 things there, find some time to read before you decide.
Hope you guys enjoy it. If not, kindly leave feedback. If yes, I have three things to ask from you. Please Like, Share, and Subscribe. Thanks for reading, keep posted.
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