There are many people who create a blog every day without knowing what is the essence of blogging. That’s why you can find some blogs that have only 1 to 3 posts per year and some that have no sense at all. You might be reading this post right now because you are planning to have a blog or maybe you just dropped by. If you are planning to create a blog there are three things you need to know and I think it is very beneficial for beginners to read this first.

You are interested in creating a blog because you want to be in or what. But you don’t know yet what a blog is. So your question is

What is a BLOG?

blog (a truncation of the expression web logis a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first). – Wikipedia

So a blog is a WEBLOG. A site where you can LOG something. You can log what you think can be informative to others. There are people who use blogs for personal use. But most likely, it’s only their friends who’ll view it or unless they are a celebrity, wherein people are definitely INTERESTED in what they log.

Since you know what a blog is. The next question is

Why should I have a blog?

There are so many purposes in life and so in blogging. You should identify your purpose just like the way you identify why you live in this world (hahaha). Your purpose can be like: you just want to share something, you may want to earn or you just wanted a diary. There are many, but it depends on you.

When you share something you may want to use your profession to help others. For example, you are a chef or a baker, you can help others how to cook or bake by sharing your knowledge. If you are a doctor or a lawyer you can share informative stuff with those who can’t afford to pay for health or legal advice, It can be a fulfillment if you are able to help. Right?

You can also earn by creating a blog for some items that you are selling. Or you can just add some affiliate banners/ links and add some advertisements on your site. 

If you have no beneficial purpose for yourself and readers, I think it would be better for you not to create a blog instead. Because your purpose in blogging should always be in favor of both sides (writer and reader). Come to think of it, you are blogging for yourself, then no one would read it at all. Or you’ll blog for the readers without getting anything for yourself like fulfillment or money. Make sense right?

Lastly, know what should be the interest or the topic of your blog.

You may know your purpose, but you still have to identify a specific topic for your blog. This is very important. You may think of a lot, but you need to have one focus. If you’ll post something about technology today and then tomorrow you’ll talk about parenting it wouldn’t be a LOG anymore. It’s like you are creating a newspaper if that would be the case. Just so you know, most of the time people who read blogs are the people who read about a specific interest only. For you to gain followers or readers you should only be focusing on one interest or topic. Because if not, you’ll not be getting consistent readers as well.

So to wrap it all up. Your keywords are Interest and Consistency

If you’ll be able to get these three. You can start setting up your blog.

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