Yesterday, I talked about the things you have to consider before you create a blog. Hopefully, you have read it before this post.
Basically, I will be sharing my own step by step way here on how you can start off a blog.
This post will have two parts. Later I’ll have the other one.
In the previous post, I mentioned that you have to know your purpose in blogging. Right?
If you just want to blog around and not even thinking of money making all you need is

A free blog!

Well, creating a blog is definitely free. However, you’ll just be getting a subdomain, for example, which is my previous domain. This is usually used by non-profitable blogs. Unless you have your own domain even you don’t have income from your blog.

So here are the things you need to do:


First, you have to register on a blog platform like BLOGGER, WORDPRESS,  and TUMBLR.
Those are the three major blog platforms that I have already used. Things to know on these three. Blogger is the easiest to set up. WordPress gives you more freedom and so many plugins available. And Tumblr is mostly used by the younger ones and likely used for photo blogs.

Choose your domain name

Once you are registered. Think of a good name and domain for your blog. The name would be great if you won’t change it, so think of the best. I am sure my blog’s name isn’t catchy or the best because I am really bad with titles. The reason why you have to stick with it is that it will have more appearance on searches if your blog’s name was never changed. At the same time, your followers might think they are on a different blog if you are changing your blog’s name most of the time.

 Pick a Theme for your site

For me, I prefer a cleaner look for better reading. But it depends on you and your blog. If you’ll be doing a photoblog you can have grid type themes. If it is a series you can do one or two columns. Minimalist is preferred if you want a clean looking blog. There’s a lot out there to use. For those three platforms, I have mentioned they offer pre-made templates and themes, and you can also download and upload or copy source codes from the web.

Create an About Page

Next in line is to make your about page. It is nice to be recognized as the writer of your own blog. So create your about page for the readers to know who created the wonderful blog they are reading. Highlight some things about the blog itself and why it was created. This page may attract more readers or followers.

Start Writing Blogs

Lastly, create your OWN content. As you noticed there is an emphasis on the word OWN. That is because you should never ever copy content from a different site or blog. You can copy some sentences from others as long as you’ll put the reference or referring link to that particular site. This is to respect the owner of that content. In that way, readers and other bloggers will give you respect as well.
Blogging is not that tedious as long as you’ll keep the INTEREST AND CONSISTENCY. Wait for the next post tomorrow it will be about creating a blog for those who want to earn money.

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