It’s been a while since my last post and it’s nice to be back in this blog. Today I’m gonna share a business opportunity for all Filipinos out there. We all know business is a risk, especially when it’s done online.
Not everyone is open to that kind of online business because people are usually afraid of scam or whatsoever. In this post, I can assure everyone that this is NO SCAM at all. I’ve been using this for a while now. And actually, I have featured this site already on my old post which is about having the best bitcoin wallet.
That’s true. is a site where you can create a bitcoin wallet. But you can do more with this site like buying a load and paying out your bills.
The question is how will you earn money from these services?

Of course, you have to register and verify your identity.
Just follow this link to register. Once you’re done with the registration Verify your identity. This will allow you to have higher transaction limits.
If you have successfully verified your account, add funds to start up your business. They have several options to cash – in. Like online bank transfers, payments thru convenience stores and department stores, pawnshop, and much more.
Miely is online: Cash in methods