Two weeks, I did an experiment on how I can win the betting games on I was curious about what my friend told me about betting on “color games” – that is actually a dice game wherein instead of numbers, the dice rolls 6 colors.
He told me to bet on just one color and just double my bet whenever I lose, then just go back to my base bet when I win. He said that if I’ll bet that way I will never lose. Why?
He gave me an example: If I bet 10 and I lose, the banker gets 10 from me. If I double my bet, it will become 20. If I lose again the banker will get a total of 30. So If I’ll bet double again that would be 40. If I win, the banker will pay me 40 when I just lost 30. Therefore, I won 10 from the banker. So, since I won I’ll go back to my base bet and start betting that way again. He’s actually right that since it’s just 6 colors, there’s always a probability of getting the color that you bet into.
I rarely gamble. So I’ve been thinking about how can I apply that algorithm if I won’t try it. What I did is to try it on some online betting games like – BTW, this site gives you free bitcoins, it’s just up to you if you want to use it on their betting games.
Actually, the experiment I did, can almost make me out of my job. Before, I didn’t know that there’s an Auto-Bet thingy on so I tried the manual betting. I tried it during my work hours and I got caught. Until now they haven’t given me their final decision if I will be terminated or sanctioned. You know I don’t want to talk about my job further hahaha.
Anyway, when I realized that there is an Auto Bet that I just have to set, I tried it. But there are few things I found out. Since it’s online, it’s automated. Of course, they won’t let you win all the time. I tried to run auto-bet for 1000 rolls and I lost. I tried 100 rolls and I won. But I tried to start the auto-bet with 100 rolls again but I lost again.

So what I did is to just start the auto-bet again once I refreshed the whole page. Of course, after refreshing the page it will ask you to set up the auto-bet settings again, It’s really necessary to refresh it again every after finishing the auto-bet. Just another thing. You should just do it 3x every after 15 minutes to avoid losing. I made a short video of how to set up the auto-bet. Please, please bear with that. It’s my first time to screen capture. Haha!

Do not overuse it because it’s a program and can let you lose so much. So just do it few times a day.

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Kindly share your experience with this auto-bet setup. It would be nice if you win the auto-bet game on too.

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