There are so many ways to earn money online and there are so many ways to be scammed as well. I have been scammed before by an investment schemed program online and I don’t want that to happen to me or anyone else again. So I have here a list of five ways to earn money online without being scammed at all.


Don’t believe anyone that says it’s easy to earn a lot of money online because that could never be possible. I’m not saying it’s impossible to earn a lot online but what I am pertaining to is the word “easy”. Nothing comes to the world in an easy way, so always expect that you need to give an effort to succeed.

 These ways that I’ll be giving to you are something that you can do as a part-time or full time. I guess full time would give you more profit unlike if you just do it rarely.


So what are these ways? (This is sorted randomly)

1. Paid to click

These are the sites that offer paid ads to their members to earn some credits or cash. Usually, there are thresholds before you can withdraw your earnings.

These are risk-free if you are not going to buy their premium memberships. Though premium users earn more than what a free member can.

It is still not safe to invest unless you’ve seen so many reviews about it. Or what you can do is to try to reach their thresholds and withdraw at least three times for you to verify if the site really pays. Once verified, then that would be a cue for you to invest.

Here are the TOP PAYING PAID TO CLICK SITES that I’ve been using for years now. It’s safe to buy premium memberships there and they’ve been running for many years now. Check out our tips for boosting your earnings with PTC sites.

2. Bitcoin

This one is my favorite. Not all people believe in the potential of this digital currency. I don’t know if they just lack the knowledge or they just really don’t like it.

All I know is that this Bitcoin can help us earn money without investing at all. What you just need to do is to set up a free bitcoin wallet and enter it on bitcoin faucets.

Usually, bitcoin faucets don’t require your personal details, but some require registration. Faucets just ask you to answer a captcha and click the redeem or get reward button to claim a small number of bitcoins.

No need to pay or invest anything just collect and collect till you get them all. There are so many bitcoin faucets that you can squeeze around the web. All you need is an effort. You can also try AUTO-BET Games 🙂

3. Traffic Exchange

Ideal for advertisers and bloggers. This type of scheme allows you to earn traffic for your site and at the same time it lets you earn money depending on the number of sites you have visited.

Pros: it’s free and allows you to get prospective customers or referrals.

Cons: I don’t think it is safe for sites that are under an ad network service. Check this post for more about paid traffic exchange.

This one is something I tried before, but I just can’t do it all the time.

The reason is our place is quite noisy. This kind of online job requires you to have a good internet connection, cam to cam chatting equipment (like PC, headset, and webcam), and a quiet place.

Basically, you don’t have to be a professional educator.

Usually, they look for an English Tutor. If you are from the Philippines there is a local based and that’s where I applied before.

It’s very easy to get hired. If you want to try, follow the link above. (Just take note that the link is a sponsored link so kindly wait for the timer and click the skip ad button to be redirected :).

5. Shortening Links

The links on No. 4 are an example of sponsored links. This one is something where I get some of the revenue from.

This lets you shorten your links on your site and turn them into a sponsored link. Once your sponsored link has been clicked it will turn to revenue. This is ideal for some websites or blogs that offer downloads.

Also for people who love to share links to social networking sites. Check out these URL Shortening Sites that pay.

So that’s the end of my list FOR NOW.

There are so many other ways to earn online you can explore any time. I’ll be posting them as well soon. That would just be all for the meantime since I am not yet done with other experiments I do to earn money online. My best tip for everyone is  “don’t rush everything”. All you need is time, research, and effort. No need to spend money at all. Wish you all good luck. Happy Sunday 🙂

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