Do you agree with the title?
Well, I somehow agree and somehow not. But I think this would be best applicable for those people who have a stable job but still can’t succeed in having financial freedom and satisfying life.
Most people think that saving is all about keeping money in a safe place, but if you will take a deeper look at the process of saving money, you’ll realize that saving money is all about managing your money wisely. It’s true that saving is keeping but it’s not all about keeping. So, therefore, for you to be able to save you just don’t keep your money. What you need is to have your own way or process on how you do it.
Once you’re able to make your way to save every time, you’ll see the difference in how your life works prior to doing all of that. You’ll one day realize that you’re already successful with your current job and you’re satisfied with your life. But of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting more than what you have, but even though there’s something more that you want it is still important to save up.
There are several tips on how you can save and I want to share them with you guys. But first, ask yourself why you are being unable to save. There’s no need to ask why you need to save because you should do it without a reason. Now once you find out why to try to figure out by yourself how to address it.

Remember: It’s only you who can fix your own problem! It’s kinda harsh, but that’s the reality.

Based on my observation from myself and other co-workers The main problem why we can’t save our debts, loans, and overspending. I’m sure those are the most reasons for other people too.

So here are 5 ways I guess can help us save money effectively:

1. Prioritization!

Miely is Online: Prioritization