Hey. I just got back from outer space. Just kidding. I just want to say a happy new year to everyone.

This year is MY YEAR!
As per the Chinese Lunar Calendar, 2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey. I was born in  1992 so it means my birth year sign is the Monkey.
I’ve been reading some articles about the Chinese Horoscopes, and many of them say that this year would be a lucky year for us monkeys, but there are some who say that you need to balance some elements or else your luck would be bad luck. Well, that makes it a little complicated to me because I am no good at balancing.
Anyways, I’m not really sure why I’m talking about that kind of stuff here on this blog. But I’m just really happy to share how lucky would we be this year.
My mind is running around and been thinking of so many ways to make money this year. I might put up a small business online (like a dress and accessories online shop) or maybe invest in something else. I feel this way whenever I feel lucky.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to accomplish that within this year and of course to continue the persuasion of having a good life every day.
Now, I hope I was able to share the positive vibes for this year. Just stay positive, focus, and serious about whatever you do to get the outcome that you want. Have a happy and prosperous 2016 to everyone and Good Luck to all of us!

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