Shopping these days is quite harsh to our pockets. As much as possible, we want cash-backs, discounts, promos, or any sort of thing that can let us save money.

This Christmas, I’m sure you have tons of lists for your inaanak (godson/ goddaughter), children, cousins, or anyone that you love. And having that sort of list may take time for you to shop at malls or any stores as there are so many people and long lines that await you.

Since shopping for discounted items may take time during holiday seasons there are still possible ways for you to save time and MONEY. Thanks for online shopping sites. They offer almost the same price as the ones in the malls yet it’s a way-WAY more convenient. Not only that, they also offer discounts and coupons for bulk purchasing. If you met the required purchase you are even eligible for free shipping.

But the main idea of this post is not just about highlighting the convenience of online shops.

Did you know that there are websites that give you CASH BACK when you use their site or app?

Well, yeah, there is. They are somehow connected with the largest or well-known online shopping sites. I’ve said that because this is how it actually works: You sign up for one site; You browse on other online stores within that site, and you get cash backs.
The logic is you have to use only one site or app to browse and shop with other online shopping sites. Here is a sample below:
cryptalk pinas : Use shopback when shopping thru Zalora, Lazada and other shops