Hi everyone! Today we’re about to check an item I got from Lazada and that is the Romoss A10 Ace series 10000mAh power bank.
I was forced to get a new one since my 2-year-old Bavin power bank is trying to say goodbye to me. It’s not yet totally wrecked but it acts up from time to time. As a commuter, it’s always necessary for you to have a power bank all the time. Well, I’m not sure if it’s really necessary. I guess it’s just for me who keeps on browsing the web, playing music, and playing mobile games while commuting.
My usual mindset when getting a power bank is that I have to get a higher capacity so that I can always have a backup battery. But that was before. I realized that having a higher capacity means a longer wait time for charging the power bank. Also, it’s heavier. I only use power banks when commuting so technically I am not being able to consume my old power bank in a day. So instead of getting a bigger capacity, I decided to get a smaller one.
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