Yesterday was a total mess in our barangay. Bacoor Cavite was included in the State of Calamity which has been announced by our beloved Governor Boying Remulla due to high flooding all over the province.

Floods are very common here in Bacoor. So most houses here are elevated. For the past two years, this is the first time our house got affected by a flood.

The flood is reaching the waists of most people outside. There’s no corner in the whole barangay that wasn’t got affected by this flood. Tirona Highway and Emilio Aguinaldo Highway were like a river according to our neighbors who passed by.

My allergic rhinitis got into me the whole night because of the devastating smell of the flood. I was absent due to the condition of the whole town.

Just 4 days ago the whole place was totally flooded too. I actually requested a barangay certificate to certify my absence for that day. It was still in the process now according to the barangay secretary. I asked if they can include the events yesterday so that I won’t have to pay again. Apparently, they want me to pay again. It’s 100 pesos per certificate.

According to my mother, since the area was in a state of calamity, SSS would allow people to avail themselves of Calamity Loans. I guess I would really need that. It was a big loss on my income for being absent for several days due to the flood.

So here are the photos and videos I captured yesterday July 22, 2018, around 9 am. I was sleeping when we had the red rainfall alert so I wasn’t able to take the higher floods. Also, I’d probably not go out of the house even I’m awake hahaha.

Bacoor Cavite in State of Calamity July 22 2018