Let’s make this list simple as possible. Last Saturday, I just shared to you what is a Podcast and why you should love it too.

Well, I love it so much and I hope everyone would. These days I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts especially while I’m commuting or doing some chores. 

Today, I tried some podcast apps from Play Store and App Store. I tested them out one by one, so I can somehow give you a short comparison among these apps. The list is in a random order. My son is actually grounded from using his android tablet that’s why I had a chance to use it for this review. Hahaha.

What is Podcast and Why You Should Love It Too?

To download the app, just click the link on the corresponding operating system. No one paid me for this post. I just downloaded and tried the apps that catched me. Now let me list down these apps that I am talking about. 

Let’s start with the app I really use. Apple Podcast (iOS built in app)

8 podcast apps that you should try now