We all know gadgets and technology are now ruling the world. They are now calling kids Generation X because, at the earliest age, they are now capable of understanding and interacting with gadgets easily without even teaching them how to. I remember my son suddenly started navigating a Windows 8 computer at the age of 2 or 3.
While me, I still hate it because I still loved the old generations of Windows.
2 years old, they aren’t even talking straight. But try to give them a tablet, they’d know how to use, it while their grandparents are still asking how to send a photo on iMessage or Messenger. They’re so capable of doing a lot of things but it turns out to be bad for them at some point.

What happens to most kids after being exposed to gadgets?

This isn’t research or anything but we have a lot of kids in the family who are exposed to gadgets, one of them is my son. These are the things I noticed with them after being exposed to gadgets.
  1. They become stubborn
  2. They lack physical interactions with friends and relatives
  3. They’re not good with social skills
  4. They’d rather wanted to be alone
  5. And they tend to have some eyesight problems.
Some kids may even suffer obesity and other health problems if they’re so hardcore with using gadgets.
Based on the things I listed above, it clearly states that gadgets aren’t really good for kids. But I contradict that because of some arguments.

Let me share a story first.

Just so you know I’m one of those batang 90’s (kids from year 90’s). So what right? Well when I was young, I am one of those who are privileged to use computers at the age of 4. That was the year 1996. I could say that I was privileged because not all kids were able to use computers at that age and that era. But my uncle was in the IT field, and he allows me to use his computer to play “PAINT”.
Microsoft Paint