Two weeks ago, I reinstalled the podcast app on my iPhone because I wanted to explore this medium. Actually, I uninstalled it in the past because the first podcasts I listened to was so boring. I hate watching and listening to radios because I find them boring. I feel like it’s a waste of time. Unlike when I read stuff online I get to learn a lot of things. Learning is my form of entertainment. I find it more practical and fun.

I don’t know how I bumped into podcasts but I felt like installing it back. After two weeks of getting it back on my phone, I feel so thankful about my decision to have it again. I started loving it so much to the point that I am so eager to share why you should love it too.

Here in the Philippines, podcasts seemed to be underrated and I don’t know why. I wanted everyone to know what it is and hopefully, they would try it out.

So, what is a podcast?

woman in white shirt using silver macbook