Recently, our neighbors are talking about Dengue outbreaks here in Cavite. They say that it is increasing so we should be all cautious.

I agree that being cautious ALL THE TIME is a must. Especially when you have kids. The target of dengue is those who have low immune systems and we usually expect that from our kids.

So I decided to browse different mosquito repellents in the market.

We used to have those blue lights with electrical lines to catch mosquitoes before, but aside from it being ineffective at times, it is also noisy.

We also have mosquito swatter (tennis racket-like), but it is a hassle to use.

And we are asthmatics here. So we really can’t use sprays and stuff like that.

But I was able to find an interesting Mosquito Repellent from Xiaomi

I’m quite a fan of Xiaomi because of their affordable products with good quality. One of the last reviews I made for that brand is the Xiaomi Wifi Extender which is still good and up to date.

It was so interesting because it is SMART stuff and looks minimal.

So I started researching about it and they claim it is a good product. But most of those reviews look like sponsored posts.